A few days ago was the release of the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak for 3.1.1 (as well as other devices). There is a bit of confusion because the Dev Team’s blog post says you must be pwned before jailbreaking. I’m sure a lot of people (like me) demonstrated the sad smiley to perfection when they read this. Luckily, there is a way to jailbreak it.

You’ll need the 3.0 firmware, RedSn0w, 3.1.1 firmware, and the latest PwnageTool. All these are available from the download page.

Here is a step-by-step guide/tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G 3.1.1:

Step 1: First of, you need to downgrade. It’s the only way to jailbreak 3.1.1. But you don’t wanna lose your data. So back-up in iTunes. Please make extra sure iTunes backed it up properly. If you’re following me on Twitter you’ve seen my ranting on iTunes not backing mine up properly.

Step 2: Once you back-up, put your iPod in DFU mode. Then in iTunes, alt-click on restore and select the 3.0 firmware. When it’s done you should be on 3.0.

Step 3: Run RedSn0w. All you have to do is choose the 3.0 firmware when it asks and put the iPod in DFU. Just follow the steps on screen for RedSn0w, it’s really simple. Also remember if it gets “stuck” in “waiting for reboot”, unplug the cable really quickly and re-plug it in. Problem solved.

Step 4: When that finishes, Cydia should be installed. Open it, let it do it’s re-organizing thing. After that’s done, leave it alone.

Step 5: Nows’ the time to make that custom 3.1.1 firmware. Open up PwnageTool. Pwnage has both a simple mode and a expert mode. For this tutorial, let’s do simple. Select your device first.

Step 6: If PwnageTool doesn’t automatically find the correct IPSW file, click “Browse for IPSW” and locate it (it should be in your “jailbreak folder”). Click the blue arrow to continue.

Step 7: You will now get a message that tells you that you are going to create a custom IPSW that will be saved on your desktop. Click OK arrow to continue.

Step 8: PwnageTool will now start building your custom IPSW. Be patient…

Step 9: Once it’s finished it will show you a message telling you it’s done and all that. Just press OK and quit PwnageTool.

Step 10: Now’s the “tricky” part, which not even I’m sure about. I opened up iTunes and alt-clicked on restore. No DFU or anything. It gave me the 1600 error. However from  there, I did DFU and tried alt-clicking and choosing the custom firmware again. This time, it restored!

So that’s about it folks. Happy jailbreaking.

  • Jim

    I have an ipod touch 2G. It has been updated to 3.1 but it was never pwned. Can I still Jailbreak? and if so how would I go about it?

  • John

    DFU didn’t work for me, got the 1600 error like everyone else. I put it into full recovery mode (the one witht he itunes and usb cable on the ipod) using Bongo’s method, and it worked. Thanks Bongo.

  • Matt

    Does this clear out all your apps so you lose the data and high scores that you have in your apps?

  • Does it work for windows

  • Greg

    Do I want to use 3.0 redsn0w or 0.8 redsn0w? I’m on mac if that helps and i just restored to 3.0 from 3.1.1.

  • Philly

    Okie I’m understanding e erything else but is it for windows or mac or both?

  • jacky

    i cant find fireware 3.0 in the ipt 2g section.

  • jacky

    is there another software like pwnage tool for windows?

  • jacky

    danni can u plz help me i put my ipod in DFU mode and i tried to put the 3.0 firmware but it didnt work so now i cant find my back up do u know what file its in? plz help

  • Thanks so much for the step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak iPod Touch 2G 3.1.1.It worked well on mine. Nice work!

  • well im on 3.1.1 on a 2g itouch and i tried downgrading it didnt work also ill try again but what itunes r u on

  • kevin

    When following the link, there is no 3.1.1 firmware. They have every other kind besides the one I need. Also like others here, it is unclear as to which is the proper redsn0w to download. I think most success has been seen by those who allready have the 3.1.1 firmware on their computer. The link which gives firmware downloads does not have the 3.1.1 which is going to be needed if you don’t need to downgrade because you are allready running on 3.0.

  • kev0001

    Also for those of you who don’t know. Pwnage tool is for Mac users only. Redsn0w is for windows.The 1601 or whatever error can be avoided by going through the expert mode and making sure all boxes are unchecked.

  • Justin A.

    I Was Just Wondering If You Can AFTER You Jailbreak The Ipod Touch 2 Gen 3.1.2 That You Can Use The Custom Restore For It Or No?

  • it gotta be jb at 3.0 to jb again from wats i heard they dont hav a jb for 3.1x except for black rain i believe n sum pwange tool but i need a jb for 3.1.2 blac k rain doesnt seem to work or im doing something wrong i had a 3.1 iopod up graded to 3.1.2 now down to 3.1.1 n still cant jb even useing black rain suck huh lol

  • hey does this work with the new IPod touch 2g 3.1 ?

  • stevie chops

    sweet works great i couldnot get pnage but jailbreaks fine thanx

  • Francisco

    Thanks 😀

  • michel

    heej danny
    i don’t understand the whole jailbreaking thing
    – how do I downgrade my ipod touch
    – how do i back-up my ipod
    – i dont understand that alt-click thing on Itunes
    – what’s DFU mode

    sry im quite troublesome =[

  • sijiazhao

    you can go this website for the 3.0 firmware.
    hope that helps! (:

  • sijiazhao

    btw, if alt-clcik doesnt work, shift-click should be the right one.
    and it doenst need to be in DFU mood, i think.

  • sijiazhao

    i’m sorry, the shift-click you need to be in DFU mood. i tried that out a few times. it used to not need the DFU mood. but i think after upgrading to 3.1.1 itunes doesnt allow it.
    and if you can’t downgrade, try downloading AutoDown.

    And thanks for this tutorial danny! (:

  • dsafsdf

    If you only want 3.0 software, not 3.1.1 Can you just stop after step 4?

    After cydia is installed, and then skip to step 10 for restoring

  • Aj Rojo

    This works perfectly for me(iPod Touch 2G)… I had official firmware 3.1.2. 7D11. I used blackra1n RC3 and dl’ed the official fw too. Then it worked smoothly. I installed Cydia and Rock. After that in the Cydia app, I added the URL cydia.hackulo.us to the sources list then downloaded AppSync for OS 3.1 from that source w/ iPod. Now I have a jailbroken iPod 2G and i can put any apps from it from iTunes. The apps are downloaded from appulo.us and dragged to iTunes

  • HoooO

    Thank you very much for this guide, it worked like a charm.

  • Lee

    It is amazing how many times the question “Which Redpawn version?” has been asked and no answer. The top of tutorial says 3.1.1 with a link to every Redpawn version but 3.1.1, LOL

  • Enjoy Me

    What do you mean by “alt-click” when I press alt click it asks me to restore my ipod, but doesn’t give me the option to choose 3.0….please help Thanks so much 🙂