This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to jailbreak firmware 3.1 for iPhone 3GS using a Windows PC. If you have a Mac, you might as well follow this tutorial.

This guide is just a workaround as there is no official iPhone 3GS 3.1 jailbreak tool for Windows yet. We are going to get a custom firmware cooked on a Mac machine and install it on your iPhone 3GS on a PC. This is a safe and simple way to update your iPhone 3GS to a custom jailbroken 3.1 firmware.

Please read the following paragraph very carefully before doing anything.

If your iPhone 3GS has 3.1 preinstalled and is not pwned then there is no tested jailbreak solution at the moment. In other words, if you are on a pwned version of 3.0 or 3.0.1 (either using PwnageTool, RedSn0w, or PurpleRa1n), then you are fine; just follow this tutorial. If you updated to 3.1, or if you bought your iPhone with 3.1 already installed, you will have to wait for another method. We don’t know when this other method will be available.

1. Some basic requirements

  • You need to update iTunes to the latest version available
  • You need to sync your iPhone in order to back it up
  • Tricky part: you need to find a custom IPSW file. Don’t ask for it here. For legal reasons, we can’t post it but a little bit of digging around on Google will help. Search for terms similar to: “custom iPhone 3GS 3.1 firmware” or “iPhone2,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore”. Download the file once you find it and save it to your desktop.
  • Or even better, if you have a friend who has a Mac, simply use it to create your custom firmware by following this tutorial

2. If you just updated iTunes or if you just synced your iPhone, I suggest your reboot your PC. Just to be safe, reboot your iPhone as well.

3. Launch iTunes and plug your iPhone. iTunes will recognize your iPhone and will ask if you want to install the new 3.1 firmware. Say NO.

4. Now we are going to restore your iPhone using the custom IPSW firmware you downloaded in step 1. To do so, hold the “SHIFT” key on your keyboard and click on “RESTORE” in iTunes. Make sure you hold the SHIFT key while you click on RESTORE, or else, it will restore your iPhone to the official 3.1 firmware.

5. A window will pop up, allowing you to browse for the custom firmware we downloaded in Step 1. Look for it and select it.

6. You iPhone will now be restored using the custom IPSW. This is going to take a few minutes so don’t panic.

7. Once done restoring, your iPhone will reboot and you will have a clean jailbroken iPhone 3GS running OS 3.1.

For the latest information about jailbreaks and unlocks, I suggest you check our jailbreak section and/or unlock section.

  • Marauder2222

    If ur already on 3.1 use iH8tsn0w. Works well on a pc.

  • megapluis

    is this only for 3gs or can i use it for 3g aswell ???


  • You can use this for the 3G as well. Instead of looking for a custom 3GS firmware, you will have to look for a custom 3G firmware though.

  • megapluis

    thnx Sebastian it’s nice off you to let me know that this works for me as wel
    on my 3g

    i am gonna use this tonight on my 3 g en will let you know on twitter how it went


  • Cayman (Attila)

    Marauder: do u mean if i have a pre-installed or already updated 3gs to 3.1? Cause its very good, i found the program already, but i dont see anything in that tells me how to jailbreak 3gs with 3.1. I dont see tutorial, dont even function. In that stuff the only 3gs thing is savin shsh or what with your ECID, to your desktop! Can u tell me please, how do u mean, or how to do that? thanks 🙂

  • Darq

    Cant really find the custom 3.1 ipsw anywhere on google. I found a few torrent sites, but I dont know if they can be trusted as the file names all have weird names added on like “FULL DOWNLOAD” OR “2009”, “FULL RELEASE”, “DIRECT DVD RELEASE” and they are all different file sizes.

  • WOW!

    cant you just use the custom firmware on this site? The 3.1 for the 3G?



  • rn3sto

    I was forced to update to the last firmware 3.1 as I had problems with my batery (it just lasted 5 hours in sleep mode) and wanted apple to change my device. After updating I found myself with my iPhone’s baterry doing all right but unable to jailbreak it anymore. I am still waiting for redsn0w c’mon.

  • Furqan

    Does it also apply for 2g??

  • sylvan

    SWEET SWEET SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT , i got 3.1 running on a custom firmware now with 4.26.08 firmware , my iphone is running smooth , plus i got my ECID saved to CYDIA , i couldnt have been in better shape than this , i am so happy , happy jailbreaking 🙂 to all

  • t0m

    This ok for AT&T users?

  • sylvan

    YES it is ok for AT&T user , i am on AT&t carrier here in the US and i confirm that it is working perfectly with me , except for one little tiny thing , there is no logo for AT&T showing now on the top left of the screen ,just the bar signal and the 3G signal , but not the AT&T , but for me , i can care less as long as everything else works smooth (wifi-3G) , phone and everything ..

  • daniel

    How big should the file be with the custom firmware?

  • 303 mb

  • where do i download iH8tsn0w? do anyone have a link or something? i searched on google, but i didnt find iH8tsn0w. can anyone help me ?

  • mukhil

    will this working for new iphone 3gs owns who’s firmwire comes in 3.1 out the box
    can u pls yes or no.
    if no are they going to make a jailbrake for ue or
    can u pls let me how to down grade it to 3.0 and then jailbrake it to 3.1.if so it is possible.
    bec i tryed all types in the internet nothing worked

  • JeekFreak

    Using formerly JB 3.0.1 3Gs, forced to upgrade to 3.1 when adding new source and download from Cydia crashed it.

    OK, so I have downloaded at Least two different new IPSW and both rebuild phone to correct new 7C144 version, but it is a clean phone with no info regarding my. iTunes ( offers the MMS upgrade and Continue to restore my information.

    Regardless if I use the Continue or not, it shows no Cydia. Nothing at all other than a generic new phone or offer to restore (sync) my details. If i sync, it look exactly like it was before using the IPSW. Any suggestions would be VERY welcome. I am frustrated beyond belief.

    Specific details would be terrific! Above those listed here.

  • Old Gold

    I followed the directions and everything works just fine for me. Had to resinstall some of my favorite Cydia apps, but otherwise, everything went off without a hitch.

  • JeekFreak

    Old Gold, congrats on being successful.

    Anyone else follow my steps and end up with a brand new phone, with 3.1 and appears as if you just bought it, but none of your normal info available?

    It appears to have worked, however, while still connected to PC, it shows a basic phone install. Then after MMS update, while still connected it, the only thing I can do is resync or look for update. How do you use the .dmg file? Is it supposed to be associated to something?

    Really frustrated with No direction to move forward on.

    • Steve

      I'm in the same boat. I downloaded a IPSW but now Cydia is not there. Everything seems to have worked.

  • W7User

    Well I would first suggest you guys find a friend with a MAC…. that’s the best and easiest thing to do… I finally drove 1 hour to my friends house used his MAC and not im on 3.1 with the baseband untouched. As far as Redsn0w goes, Im pretty sure it’s ready but the Dev team is holding off on it, remember last time the only reason they released it was because some jerks were selling their code ( same as redsn0w) so the dev team released, I’m pretty sure they will hold off on it until Apple releases 3.2

  • Kyle

    i’m just curious why it’s illegal for you to post a link to the custom firmware. i found a link on another site to iPhone2,1_3.1_7C144_Custom_Restore.ipsw and it’s hosted by, so i’m not really seeing what the big deal is. am i getting the right firmware?

  • Kyle

    oh nevermind. need custom for windows.

  • Resonate

    Hey dudes I’ve found the ipsw but in the notes it says it’s for AT&T phones. I am on o2 uk will it work as I can’t find custom ipsw for o2 phone

  • This is a great blog, but the author cannot teach you everything! To get a custom ispw you need to search however u need to know how torrents work. Even if you download the ispw there is no way to safely say it is hacktivated so you can use ultrasnow .
    Safest bet wait on redsn0w it is for windows !
    I used 3.1 it’s not anything super, it appears soo at first cause nothing is loaded but after you load , cyntact,sbsettongs, ringtones, backgrounder it’s the same as before! Good luck….

  • Charlie

    Hey guys!! I just Jailbroked n Unlocked my iPhone 3GS…I made a custom ipsw…Its working great for me and it is for NON AT&T CUSTOMERS…AKA…T-MOBILE in the US…Im uploading it now…I’ll post later with the url…if anything just email me and I’ll try to send it to anyone who needs it +D

  • Charlie


    P.S…Hope that this helps everyone n that I dont get myself in trouble…or the amazing creator of this website! Which has helped me SOO MUCH W/MY UNLOCKED IPHONE! MERCI SEBASTIEN!

  • JeekFreak

    Charlie or Sylvan… Could either of you link the AT&T version of the IPSW you got working?

    I would like to give this a real shot today and knowing the file worked for you guys would be a nice base to start off with.

  • Vladimir

    For all you Winboze users 🙂

    3.1 custom firmware without baseband upgrade for 3GS iPhone:

    3.1 custom firmware without baseband upgrade and without activation for 3GS iPhone:

  • What about if I have a iPhone 3GS and bought it with 3.0 firmware and never jailbroken it but now have 3.1 firmware, will this work for me???

  • Colten

    Vladimir, what does that mean without basband?will any of them links you posted work me, I have 3GS on 3.1 but bought it with 3.0 and never jailbroke it?? Thanks

  • Amir

    I used your ipsw file Charlie but i have 3 little dots but no network and nothing works….any help would be appreciated…..

  • Daniel

    If you use your phone on AT&T you need to download an official carrier ipsw. If you use your phone for non AT&T you need an unofficial carrier. Also before you restore I would run aptbackup so it’s an easier process restoring. Once the restore is complete download aptbackup again from cydia, and restore your JB apps. When that’s completed sync your iPhone to iTunes to restore the rest of your apps.

    Note: I had to run the MMS hack again, for some reason it didn’t come with the upgrade.

  • Rampinshop

    i get error 1604 when i try to install. I got the file from mega.

  • JeekFreak

    Is there a way to check your SHSH (ID registered with Cydia)? At least to verify if when I originally JB’d my phone on 3.0.1 and then subsequently crashed hard when running the app from Synful to allow sync back to iTunes. I ended up forced to restore to 3.1, so I have no way to verify if Cydia got my phone or not.

    Is this the IMEI or ICCID in the About page on the phone?

  • Sasha

    hi all, Im using ATT 3gs on windows xp windows 7 viena. I got the phone at 3.0, jailbreak at 3.0.1 using cydia, but was forced to upgrade to 3.1 n now need to downgrade n jailbreak. IM using latest version of itunes, Ive DL custom 3.1 IPSW n get 1604 error, ive also tried difrnt versions without baseband n it doesnt work… BOTTOM LINE…CAN I DOWNGRADE?

  • Charlie

    Colten…Read what Sebastien posted…most likely they wont work…I would wait untill the Dev Team releases something for people in your case…u could give it a try and see if it works, but i doubt it…

    Amir…what carrier are you using? …did you install ultrasn0w?

    Rampinshop…did you have installed 3.1 before? or did u have a jailbroken version of 3.0 or 3.0.1?

    • Thanks for the info Charlie. Just to confirm, 3GS / 3.1 FW, never jailbroken, Windows PC, will just have to wait til a jailbreak comes out. This workaround will NOT work. Correct?

    • Rampinshop

      I was jailbroken on 3.0.1…but im now on 3.1.

  • Wayne

    Has anyone tried tethering after the upgrade?

  • Ozperilla

    ve never had a problem in the last 2 years jailbreaking, but this time, when it came back up, i have no carrier logo and cant use my phone, it appears to be jailbroken, but cant use phone, any ideas

  • ozperilla

    i have no carrier logo or bars and cant use my phone, its been jailbroken, but cant use phone, any ideas???
    Please HELP!!!!!

  • Brendoid

    Vlad, thank you. I’m on AT&T, used your no activation download link and followed directions. Everything works perfectly!! =D

  • Sasha

    My computer crashed since i jailbroke my phone…were there files saved that will be needed to downgrade or jailbreak? Is there any way to check if my ECID was hased?

  • sasha

    My computer crashed since i jailbroke my phone on 3.0.1, im now on 3.1…were there files saved that will be needed to downgrade or jailbreak? Is there any way to check if my ECID was hashed?…sorry bout the dbl post

  • Samuel

    I have an Australian FU iPhone 3GS with JB 3.0 firmware. Just to make sure, should I upgrade it with:

    3.1 custom firmware without baseband upgrade for 3GS iPhone:

    Posted by Vladimir above?

  • Gau

    hey guys..i wanna jail break my fone….buh im very scared…buh i tink i can follow u r steps…but the thing is my computer already updated to 3.1:(…does dat mean i cant jail break anymore…please let me noe

  • Gau

    as soon as possible:)

  • Mike

    I upgraded with a custom firmware 3.1 but my carrier stood the same at att 5.0 not 5.5 anybody got any tips

  • Kim

    I hope it is OK to ask this question here. I have read many many posts and am only more confused. I an very non technical and don’t understand most of what I read. Here is the scenario:

    We have t-mobile service. My son bought a unlocked iphone 3g. It worked perfectly fine. Not knowing not to do it he updated his itunes. Now we cannot get it to work. Does this mean the phone is trashed? Did he just waste $400.00? Does anyone have any advice for us?

    Any help (in laymans terms) is greatly appredciated.

  • Gary Lin

    Is there any way for me to simply downgrade the O.S.3.1 to O.S.3.0 so all jailbreak and unlock can be done?
    thanks in advance for your teaching

  • bamaaa

    You know I read all these post and get very frusterated. I mean I know some people dont understand everything, but the title of the tutorial says iPhone 3GS <——– There are more questions about the regular 3G in the post. All it takes to answer 90% of these questions is to READ….Come on people