You’ve been waiting for it. We’ve been bitching about it, but it’s here! MMS for iPhone is available for download from iTunes as a “carrier update”.

Open iTunes, plug your iPhone in and you should have a message saying that a carrier update is available for download.

As I wrote yesterday, I don’t think this carrier update can mess up your jailbreak but it might kill your tethering hack if you activated it.

Now the big question is whether AT&T’s network will be strong enough to handle all these MMS that are going to be sent.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about MMS but I know many of you are anxious to send and receive picture messages.

Are you excited?

Update: It seems you have to be on OS 3.1 to be able to download the carrier update. Yet another sneaky move from Apple. Oh well…

  • Marauder

    Not excited at all I’ve been twittering all morning how I’ve been sending full resolution pics thru email. Mms is for cheap phones to send stupid cheap quality pics to someone. iMacs did away with floppy drive and everyone screamed. Now they’re gone. Apple should have left these cheap terrible quality pics off an amazing pocket computer. U don’t send mms from home do u? No. U send email. That they can keep and print. Etc. But I will download the carrier update. Fatta gave everything they offer.

  • Jacob

    I agree with “Marauder”. I was using MMS on iPhone for the last three days, the quality will be so downgraded so it can be viewed on standard small screen phones. If you send a video mms to a fellow iPhone user, he will get a compressed vide which will be blurry when played.

  • Jerry

    did the iphone always send low quality videos? i just noticed this today..

  • Low quality is what you get when you send MMS. For better quality, send the video/photo as an email.

  • Jerry

    oh damn..theirs no way around this?…everyone that sends me a video it comes out crispy clear =\

  • Zelle II

    My carrier update still hasn’t come through. Do I have to be on the latest iTunes or does it have to do with my phone being jailbroken?

  • Michael

    I’m in the same boat as Zelle…no carrier update prompt and my phone is also jailbroken (OS 3.0). I’d like to gain the ability of MMS without going to 3.1 or undoing my jailbreak. Is this possible?

  • You have to run OS 3.1 to be able to download the carrier update.

  • Michael

    3.1. Hrmgh!!! That will break my Sn0W jailbreak, correct?

  • Michael

    In in your post yesterday you wrote:

    “I can’t be 100% sure until it’s actually out but I’m very confident you won’t have to update to OS 3.1 to have MMS.”

  • Yes, and I was wrong. I said it in this post that “you have to be on OS 3.1 to be able to download the carrier update”

  • Since OS7

    Sebastien (author) said:
    You have to run OS 3.1 to be able to download the carrier update.


    For anybody who wans MMS on their jailbroken iphone WITHOUT updating to 3.1 (which will render your iphone un-jailbreakable) You will need to download the AT&T carrier v5.5 only.

    Here ya go…. Thanks savior1974 at MacRumors

    1. Download this carrier update file (v5.5)

    2. Close iTunes (if it is already open)

    3a. Click Start > Run > type:cmd then press enter. Run this command: “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    3b. (If you’re on x64 Windows) Click Start > Run > type:cmd then press enter. Run this command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    4. Open iTunes.

    5. Hold the shift key while clicking update under your iPhone in iTunes.

    6. Change the file type to “iPhone Carrier Configuration files” by clicking in the the bottom right corner and switching to *.ipcc. filetype

    7. Find the file of the carrier update you just saved to your computer in step 1, select it and click open.

    8. Your iPhone is now updated. Make sure to reset your phone, and when it restarts, MMS should be working.

    Mac/OS X Instructions

    1. Download this carrier update file (v5.5)

    2. Close iTunes.

    3. Open the Terminal Application and run this command: defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE

    4. Open iTunes

    5. Hold the Alt (Option) key while clicking update under your iPhone in iTunes.

    6. Find your file of the carrier update you downloaded and select it.

    7. Wait for the update. Once it’s done, turn off your iPhone and turn it back on.

    8. Your iPhone is now updated and MMS should be working fine.

    Those receiving the 0xE800003D error: Did you install a carrier theme from Cydia? Like the AT&T logo or MakeitMine? If so remove that and try again. It seems that others before were getting that error because of this.

  • D

    I can’t get my MMS to work. I have 3G, OS 3.0, JB, carrier 5.0. I can use 5.0, can’t I? I also have data disabled with “Fake APN” but removed it to try sending MMS. I also updated my settings according to Big Boss’ webpage:

    Can anyone help me out?

  • D

    OK, I finally got it to work! I went to my AT&T acct online, and noticed that I had 1500 “text messages” package. So I tried to put the 1500 “iPhone messages” but didn’t let me, gave me some error, so I switched to my old Samsung cell, waited for AT&T to detect it, then switched it, and it now works on both!

  • Schuss

    My 3gs is jailbroken and I’ve been running that AT&T 5.x file. When I got the text from AT&T yesterday that I was activated it just started working. So I can confirm that setup works.

  • Boogie

    I’ve confirmed it as well I’m running 3.0.1 redsn0w jailbroken on 3gs updated the ATT carrier file like since OS7 stated in his instructions and o got working mms!

  • xbmxer

    Since OS7
    Your absolutely correct! i just followed your instruction for Mac OS and it worked perfectly, now i get to keep my jailbroken iPhone the way i like it but WITH mms.

    Thanks Again!!!