MMS is finally coming to the iPhone in a few hours under the form of a carrier update. As usual when there is something to update on your iPhone, it is legitimate to wonder whether it will mess it up or not.

If you’re on a stock iPhone, then there is nothing to worry about. However, it can be a little tricky if your iPhone is jailbroken and you want to keep the jailbreak.

Some jailbreakers are concerned that they will have to update to 3.1 in order to install the MMS carrier update. I can’t be 100% sure until it’s actually out but I’m very confident you won’t have to update to OS 3.1 to have MMS.

The MMS capability was introduced with OS 3.0 and iPhone users in many countries have enjoyed MMS since then because their carrier allowed them to, not because they were on 3.1. In other words, you most likely won’t have to update to 3.1 to download and install the carrier update.

Now there is always a risk that Apple asked AT&T to make it so you have to be on 3.1 to download the carrier update but I really doubt it.

The biggest risk is actually you! Yes, you are the biggest threat to your jailbreak. When you plug in this iPhone in iTunes tomorrow, a message will probably pop up saying that there is a newer firmware and asking if you want to update. Don’t!

The carrier update should be a separate pop up. This is the one that you may agree to.

But hey, what do I know? These are just my thoughts and I might be way off so please follow my advice at your own risks. Something tells me you will be able to get MMS through this AT&T carrier update without losing your jailbreak though.

What do you think?

  • TheChameleon

    I would have to agree with you. While I’m not 100% sure I know I have updated a jailbroken phone with carrier updates in the past and didn’t have any problems. As long as Apple doesn’t release a new version of the firmware you should be ok. And btw there is a jailbreak for 3.1 firmware but I believe you need to use a mac to do the jailbreaking as the windows version hasn’t been released at this point.

  • Michael

    I think it will require an update due to the fact that the IM form will need a ‘add photo’ button. I’m sure you SMS your photo from the photos, but in Apple’s demo, they showed a ‘Add Photo’ button…

  • Michael

    IM form? What was I thinking? I meant “SMS form”…

  • cypherstream

    If you add their carrier update, will it remove the tethering feature that the site adds in?

    I might not even need the carrier update. It seems I can send MMS, but none of the people have replied that they’ve gotten the messages yet. Prior it would show a red exclamation mark next to the picture, but now it’s not.

  • Jays

    The carrier update adds the photo button to the sms form. I used a hacked carrier update a month ago, and it added the button.

    • Ryan

      From where?

  • Michael

    I apologize for my ignorance, but how do you get the carrier update? I have OS3.0 and I’m jailbroken.

  • Anita

    My phone is currently on 3.1 firmware and is jailbroken. So far, I upgraded the carrier settings and in doing that, any of my tethered settings have not been broken.

  • Rela

    I updated now can’t get cydia. back the phone was jb Please can someone help..

  • Agreed, Jays. Same story here, and it started working (no more red error) yesterday without 3.1 and without the official carrier update.

  • Ray

    It’s safe, I just did it. If you have jailbroken your 3.1 iPhone already, then it won’t even ask to update firmware. It will go straight to the carrier update option. Just click OK and it takes 5 seconds.Then restart that sh*t.

  • Frank West

    Have you realized that none of you idiots answered his question? I’m going for it, I’ll let you know the end result.

  • Frank West

    The answer is, I don’t know. I’m unable to only update carrier settings without downloading 3.1. So i guess you gotta update to 3.1

  • Bojeebees

    The carrier update installed without any issues. I’m using a jail broken 3.1 (3G).

  • Dallas

    I have a att 3.1 one which Is jailbreak when I plug it in to itunes tells me that a new 3.1 update
    do I want to dowload or download and install I cancel and it starts to sync carrier update
    Do I need to do anything else to get that update


  • flirtsquirt

    i have a 3G/3.1 with jailbreak. i did the carrier update and have the camera icon, but get the “red” exclamation point. has anyone had same issue?