This looks like the video of a SWAT team in action! 31 seconds is all it took to these 5 bandits to steal not less than 23 MacBook Pro, 14 iPhones and 9 iPod Touch. As often in these cases, the security guard appeared to be completely useless.

If you have any info about the guys who did this, you can call the police at 856-983-1118 or the confidential tip line at 856-988-4699. Now if you really know who did this, maybe you can hook me up with a cheap MacBook Pro? I’m kidding…

  • VistaUSer

    Although I think that what they did was wrong I do hope this sets out a domino effect on more Apple store’s with their ALL Glass doors ( mainly because I’m so pissed at APPLE right now ) but somehow this reminds me of the saying, people who live in glass houses ………. you know the rest !
    and hopefully this will be a lesson to Microsoft :
    Memo: Do not copy Apple Stores Glass Doors !

  • Totho

    They sholud have locks on the laptos at least. I’m not an apple user, but I guess they have that option… Or they don’t?
    Even the iPhones!!! I live in Mexico and they special locks at showrooms, it is hard to take them away..

  • D

    Yeah, I would of thought they would lock down the laptops. I’m not condoning what they did, but wow, they’re not idiots like other crooks

  • Ty

    lol. this was awesome.
    great security.

  • Carlos

    “people Who live in Glass houses cant take a poop without ppl seeing them” is that what you meant :p

  • Polemicist

    LOL… In other countries they lock laptops down in show rooms… Wow the US is a five finger discount heaven… Sorry but the manager of that shop must be a moron…

  • Apple