One of the main reasons to jailbreak your iPhone is that it allows you to add custom themes and make it stand out from the crowd of blend and boring iPhones out there. Using WinterBoard you can customize the look of your iPhone, including icons, wallpaper, dock, etc… You can literally spend hours creating and tweaking themes to make them unique, and original.

Within the past few weeks, I have been selecting several beautiful and original iPhone themes that I’d like to share with you today. More after the break…

A Rusty iPhone

Want a little rust in your iLife? Get it with this beautiful theme that will probably make your friends go “wow”. This theme is available in the Cydia Store for $1.49.

Andrew’s Awesome Theme

This is the first theme by young iPhone addict Andrew. This theme makes me smile every time I see it

AF Future Theme

A simple futuristic theme with neon lights icons.

Monokuro Boo Theme

A Monokuro Boo theme with many icons. I think this theme is kinda cute and funny.

Niffob Nokta

This custom iPhone theme with knitted icons is very original. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with many icons.

Dark BlackBerry Theme

A theme with Blackberry-like transparent, glowing icons and a nice dark background.

Frame Black

Definitely a unique theme. Each icon is framed into a really nice dark aluminum frame and placed on a beautiful wallpaper.

Etched Base Theme

This theme has a transparent base with a bevel feel to it. It includes almost 200 icons, 18 different wallpapers and more.

Brown Bag

A rough-looking theme based on a brown paper bag. I think it’s not that beautiful, but it’s a very original theme.

Maniac Theme

An original iPhone theme with very large icons. That’s my favorite theme these days and it’s currently installed on my iPhone. It comes with quite a few icons.

All these beautiful and original themes are available for download on Cydia.

Which one is your favorite theme?

  • I created the one and only ZombieApocalypse Theme, check it out here:

  • rain

    awesome themes! thanks for the post.
    keep them coming Sebastien 🙂

  • T-Will

    One that I recently downloaded and really like is “Matte Nano” (comes with something like 2000 custom icons) with the “Matte Graphite” Winterboard extension (Graphite gives all your shiny GUI elements a matte finish).

    Another I really like is the “Smoog” theme.

  • What about iElegance? it’s probably one of the most beautiful theme for the iPhone.

  • Salar

    illumine theme is nice too

  • Mel

    Why would you want to jailbreak your iPhone to make it look like the bastard child of MySpace and Microsoft Office?

    Dude. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Rn3sto

    nice themes dude!

  • P

    Why would you want to jailbreak your iPhone to make it look like the bastard child of MySpace and Microsoft Office?

    Dude. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

    Oh I disagree,
    just because your told you shouldn’t does not mean you shouldn’t.

    Jailbreak allows people who like me make my phone more enjoyable, since I have a problem with dictatorships (apple) who say your phone that u paid for should stay the same as you bought it. Even though they left some things out. To which most of the issues have been worked out through updates.

    FYI. Jailbreaking my phone was the only reason I came back to the iPhone. For the lack of options was the one of the reasons I stayed with winmo.
    And before anyone ignorant says jailbreakers are dloading cracked apps and blahblah. I don’t believe in that. If you want the app buy it.

    Peace p.

    • Sebastien

      @P Amen!

  • P

    Almost forgot
    nice them selection. I like glass orb color myself. I like the icons and the doc.

    Peace p.

  • How2mod

    Any links for tutorial on how to change my iphone theme? Thanks

  • Sebastien

    @How2mod you need to jailnbreak your iPhone, install WinterBoard and go to Cydia to download themes. Easy

  • um…

    No offense, but the themes are pretty horrible. I mean, the paper bag one was made with the marker tool in PAINT, as were several others I’m sure. FOr some REAL themes, head on over to

  • Amanda

    My favorite theme is called icomplete…

  • None. These are not that great looking…

  • Caitlyn

    is there any way to change the background on the “maniac” theme? i love the icons, but i’d rather have a different background.

  • Batman

    I can’t download from cydia me droped from cydia.

  • Monokoroo boo

    How do u download/install one for ur iPad……i want a monokoro boo background…….

  • michael

    how do you get the icons to change? the background works but not the icons:(