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Apple has finally confirmed the long-rumored event to be held on September 9, in San Francisco. The image above is the “official” image used on the invitations sent out by Apple. For some reason, I haven’t received my invite yet. I assume it was lost in the mail 😉

Last week, I predicted that a new iPod will be unveiled at this event and that Apple will make firmware 3.1 available. I also predicted that MMS will be available around that time.

I’d like to hear what YOU would like Apple to announce at this event? A new iPhone? A tablet? A spaceship?

  • Sebastien

    Amen to that! I like the way you think, an I totally share the same views.

  • VistaUSer

    I wish an iTablet comes out, not too excited about the iPod touch with Camera. I think Apple has to do more to WOW current iPod owners, because it pretty much seems to me that every year Apple is just biting bits and pieces from the iPhone. iPod Touch 2G had speakers the 3G will have a camera next year it will have a MIC….. etc…. etc…..In regards to the iTablet, if indeed one does become available very shortly, I for one will be hesitant to get near it, My lessons learned from APPLE has been that first time adopters of APPLE products pretty much get bent over and fucked with no vaseline over and over again ! !
    And quite frankly I’m getting tired of APPLE…. I encourage Google, Microsoft to start gathering their think tanks and start designing better products for once and stop playing catch up with APPLE… With Microsoft if they screw you, people complain all together, but if APPLE screws you, the FANBOYS are still quick to defend them……

  • alma

    @VistaUSer : camera without mic? I don’t think so….

  • W7User(Formerly known as VistaUser)

    @alma: Haven’t you learned how APPLE does business yet ? Having no camera MIC on the iPod touch is more business for them, they just rolled out their Apple In ear Headphones w/ MIC and they will continue pushing them for another year or so…… Apple invested a great deal of time and money on these things…… it was mainly targeted for the people who have iPod Touches…… so they can use it to record memos, or VOIP etc…. Like it or not APPLE is running out of ideas….. and Technologically speaking….. the only re-design that would Awe…. their customers would be to make a bigger screen which at the moment is not possible, without having to sacrifice weight, size dimensions, battery life and other components… So NO…. quite frankly I don’t see a MIC headed for the iPod touch this year…. I do however see a MIC and internal camera for next year and maybe …. just maybe after that I see a bigger screen….