If you recently updated your iPhone firmware, or jailbroke/unlocked your iPhone to use it with a different carrier, you may have encountered the following error: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Cellular Data Service

This error often appears after jailbreaking and/or unlocking and it is mostly characterized by the fact that your iPhone can’t connect to the internet using the cellular data network, and you can’t send text messages anymore.

The first thing to do in that case is to reset the network settings and reboot your iPhone. If it still doesn’t work, then there is a more radical fix that will put everything back on track.

First, get on wifi and visit this website http://www.unlockit.co.nz/#_Custom from your iPhone. You should see this page, which will allow you to create a custom APN.

Under “Carrier”, tap the drop down menu and choose your carrier. Note that there are many carriers listed there and that it might take you a bit of scrolling down to get you where you want. So choose the right carrier and tap “Done”. This should populate the custom APN info.

Once the custom APN fields are populated, tap “Create Profile” and wait a bit. It will exit Safari, and take you to the settings application. Finally, just tap “Install” and this will set up your custom APN on your iPhone. Reboot your iPhone and you should now have Edge and 3G connectivity.

  • viny

    I never ever leave comment but THANK YOU SO MUCH. it really work. thanks man.

    • nick

      it works…You are STAR dude…THANKS !!

      • Harry

        It works for me as well after a broken config following the battery exchange on iPhone 3G. THANKS A LOT. Painless and efficient. Why are opertor not able to update these config?

  • loai

    bcoz my carrier disabled my internet con for prepaid cards
    hurraaay 😀

  • Arjan


    didn’t work for me after IOS4.1 upgrade (preserved baseband) and a renewed jailbreak/unlock and activation with (a USA bought AT&T prepaid card)
    There was no “mobiel datanetwerk” (dutch) (cellular data network in English ?) option in settings/general/network/
    Finally supreme preferences 3.0 from xSellize activated this option, and it immediate worked again.

    By sharing this information, i hope others may find it usefull.



    • Siddharth

      Hi can u guide us how to get this working thro supreme preferences ? i downloaded and tried but cudnt find the option to enable cellular data network.

      • Arjan

        Hi, the installation itself seemed to reenable the cellular data network option in settings/general/network/, and data worked after that, i heard also doing a “hard reset” may help.
        I think you can state, as long that option isn’t there no data connection will establish ever.
        In my case, used an AT&T prepaid SIM (unfortunaly i thrown the orginal AT&T SIM), i’m quite sure, and that “no data setting” it took from that SIM.
        above profiles didn’t work for that reason i assume.

  • Jessica

    I tried this and it worked great the first day but now it’s not working!
    Please help me. I really love this phone and I need it to work for Virgin mobile Aus.

  • KT

    I got this problem two days after downgrading my OS from 4 to 3.1.3. I didn’t need to unlock my phone but still found your solution worked really well, restored my internet connection without having to us wi-fi. THANKS.

  • Gizmofreak

    it didnt worked 4 me,
    plz help,
    I hv iphone3g IOS 3.0 jailbroken

    it still says “could not activate cellular data network”

    tried each n every step…

  • brandy

    How do I know which US-T-Mobile to use for the carrier?

  • I did this and if freakin worked!!! ty soo much!!

  • Vy

    I just bought ip 4. I havent jialbreak it but i have the problem with cellular data. The signal shows that you are not subscribe for cellular data. I followed u guys instrutions but all failed. Pls help!!

  • Mike

    You are the best! Worked like a charm. !!!

    Thought I would add that I have ATT now but started out with Cingular. I believe ATT bought up cingular. Everything on my old phone was set up for Cingular and worked fine. The ATT apn’s didn’t work on my newly acquired iphone but the Cingular ones did. Just an FYI for anyone in a similar situation.

  • cath

    i hate iphone 3gs but it hang before then i seach to youtube how to fix it.. it works but it the version became 4.1.. and evrytime i open game center.. when i try to send message it sayS ” could not activate cellular data network”

    what i must to do.. pardon for my english

    • cath

      paRDOn for my english:

      everytym i open game center the send message to anyone it always says ” could not activate cellular data network”

  • Kelly

    okay so whoever posted this i seriously love you and your freaking amazing! :))) GOD BLESS

  • Brad

    It did not work for me i’m running an Iphone 4 4.0.2, and when I go to install the custom profile its says “only 1 profile can be installed at a time” when I hit back it says that there are none installed.

  • Chobaton

    Nice job, thanks so much

  • ggg

    mine says only 1 profile can be installed at a time and thne none installed. i am on iphone 4 4.1

  • bogo

    i got that problem too.. mine is iphone 3GS version 4.1

    • bogo

      I can solve it, who still has the same problem, pls. TRY IT!
      Problem: “only 1 profile can be installed at a time and there is none in installed profile.”

      Solution1 -> First, i use “iPhone Configuration Utility Setup”, but it still cannot install a new profile replace, it shows the same alert.

      Solution2 -> Restore as new phone -> and then jailbreak -> then Install new profile from “iPhone Configuration Utility”. (i do this because my iphone [i buy from TRUE] & my carrier network [DTAC] was different, i’m not sure that any lock info. from factory setting of the place that i buy.)
      Warning: it’s work! But before do this, you must backup your application/ contact/ pic./ music/ ringtone)

      Root cause of my problem: i “disable edge” on iphonenodata.com on my iOS is 3.0.1, when i upgrade to iOS 4.1, my iphone’s still remember the same configuration. (we cannot find the place that this info. stay). So why our iphone show this message: “only 1 profile can be installed “.

  • Julian

    I unlocked my iPhone and it’s jailbroken. My only concern to this is if it would mess my wifi up. Do you think it can mess my wifi up?

  • Reply

    didn’t think this would work BUT IT DOES. WIFI and 3G …Xmas came early this year. Thanks.

  • HELP

    Hello, if I dont see my carrier on the list (orange austria) can I choose anotherone??

  • shirley

    try this link http://www.iphoneuserguide.com/apple/2008/06/04/iphone3g/apn-settings-for-iphone-3g/ and find the APN for your specific country… it works!

  • jai

    omg!! i have been using my iphone for MONTHS with this problem! you’re awesome. thank you!!

  • Kieran

    THANKS! Let me explain what happened with me:
    I installed 4.1 iOS, on my iPhone 4, as soon as I got it (with orange), and I kept getting this message.

    2 months on, I ring up orange because it’s obviously not just a setup problem. I spent 1 hour on the phone at first, then 4 hours later they rang me back. I was on the phone for another hour.

    In total, I spent 4 hours on the phone to orange. Texts were working, too.

    They told me to go in to apple to try it with another phone, I went into apple and they told me to book an appointment, so I did for 2 days down the line, got snowed in, then got my gf to book another appointment while I was in work. She booked it for 1:10, I got there at 12:55, and didn’t get served until 1:15… with others being ignorant and rude and pushing in, because they’re more important… right? Anyway, once I got served, they told me to update to 4.2.1 firmware?! lol… anyway… updated about 30 minutes ago and got the same problem.

    So now I turned to Google because I was sick of poor CS from apple, and saw this, worked a charm!!! Turns out, I had T-mobile APN installed :S. BRILLIANT. Stupid Apple… just FTR, Orange CS has been good and they have been keeping an eye on me and ringing up to check up on me… etc. and I really can’t knock the quality of all the people who helped me. Both the main ones kept ringing me whenever they could to help me and were really trying hard to help.

    SO, 10 minutes reading an article > 6 hours of Customer Service etc… w00t.

  • Marcos

    I recently changed to a dumb phone, and when I did I was offered 10.00 unlimited data. When I wanted to go back to my iPhone I just put my sim in and it worked (well, data didn’t), but after using this fix, data does again.

    ATT website still shows me with 10.00 unlimited data… so my question is, CAN ATT figure out that I’m using my iPhone again (I’m all but sure they can), and if so, whats going to happen, aside from them changing me to their BS 25.00 2GB plan.

  • DaveH

    iphone 3g software ver 4.1. On UK T-mobile (Virgin), jailbroken (not sure how). Finally installed the profile using the iphone’s Gmail, but I’m still getting the message! Why does it always happen to me! I’ve tried toggling the data on/of, reset network settings, switched on and off. Any further suggestions before I top myself. I’ve checked that the profile is installed with the iphone config utility.

  • negus

    hey wow this really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • DaveH

    Finally got it sorted. Virgin uses the T-mobile network for the phone, but has it’s own APN. For anybody else the details as below:

    APN: goto.virginmobile.uk
    Username: user
    Password: – leave blank –

    Thanks for your above instruction on how to get it working. I would never have figured it out for myself.

  • melinda

    i tried all of that and can not get the phone to send or receive text message with the wi fi please help
    i have no problem with the internet just texting

  • Gautam

    I tried the above steps .. But could not get the GPRS activated.
    Using vodafone India carrier.

    Can anybody help with the APN settings for Vodafone India … PLEASE

  • Jason

    Great it worked like a treat. Got my iphone back from repair (replacement) telstra and apple could not get it working but this did the trick

  • mike jorritsma

    virgin mobile in canada how to get internet to work????

  • jasmine

    OMGGGGD it worked!!! :DD thank you somuch!!!

  • Chiney

    Am having problems still. Am from Trinidad (West Indies). We use Bmobile…Any Help

  • ;ladyp86

    IT WORKED FOR ME THANKS! I’ve been trying to unlock my iphone 3G for almost 3 months!

  • Chiney

    Am having problems still. Am from Trinidad (West Indies). We use TSTT Bmobile…
    Could you please let me know the settings. thanks again

  • Matt Ash

    Just been on phone to Virgin media Uk and they would not help at all this has sorted it 100%

    You should charge for this service !!!!!

  • Sara

    I have jailbroken iPhone and have tried the step but does bot change I still get the error message HELP!!!!!!!

  • e325rkh

    This works perfectly on my iPhone 4 running the latest firmware (4.2.1). This is in the USA on AT&T (phone has not been unlocked or jailbroken). Please note, I used the Cingular APN, not the ATT one.

    Thank you very much. Marcos, are you still on the $10 unlimited plan?

  • Eri

    Hello, I am scared to reset my network thing. Will it mess up my phone if it is running on tmobile. Also I can’t find my crellular data anymore.

  • mad

    i dont….or better yet i never post a msg but thank you very much worked in a few seconds like magic

  • kat

    ive just used this and its worked thankyou x

  • khar

    Thanks you so much !!! it works :))

  • Tricia

    Is there any internet for TSTT / Bmobile or digicel in Trinidad…Tks

  • AC

    Link is down 🙁 I know it worked but got a new phone I needed to put it on.

  • Becky

    Aw man i get problem after problem with my jailbroken 3gs! cant get on to the link through safari it says server cannot be found, anyone know how to solve this??

  • alia

    thank you sooooooo much!it worked! 😀

  • john

    its didnt work 🙁

  • Kypros

    Another who never leaves comments. But.. wow it worked. (I had jailbroken my 4.2.1 iOS) Awesome.

  • Steve

    Never ever leave comments either, I had a jailbroke iPhone 3GS I bought from a T Mobile customer and AT&T customer service couldn’t get it back on the data service for their network. Found this and in not even 2 minutes I had cellular data service again. I was getting the “Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Cellular Data Service” error. This reset everything for me!!!


  • Rachel

    Notice many people have had great success. Is there any settings for people in Trinidad that use Bmobile or Digicel in T & T…Much Thanks

  • Gigi

    thank you thank you!