If you recently updated your iPhone firmware, or jailbroke/unlocked your iPhone to use it with a different carrier, you may have encountered the following error: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Cellular Data Service

This error often appears after jailbreaking and/or unlocking and it is mostly characterized by the fact that your iPhone can’t connect to the internet using the cellular data network, and you can’t send text messages anymore.

The first thing to do in that case is to reset the network settings and reboot your iPhone. If it still doesn’t work, then there is a more radical fix that will put everything back on track.

First, get on wifi and visit this website http://www.unlockit.co.nz/#_Custom from your iPhone. You should see this page, which will allow you to create a custom APN.

Under “Carrier”, tap the drop down menu and choose your carrier. Note that there are many carriers listed there and that it might take you a bit of scrolling down to get you where you want. So choose the right carrier and tap “Done”. This should populate the custom APN info.

Once the custom APN fields are populated, tap “Create Profile” and wait a bit. It will exit Safari, and take you to the settings application. Finally, just tap “Install” and this will set up your custom APN on your iPhone. Reboot your iPhone and you should now have Edge and 3G connectivity.

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    Wow…thank you for this. So simple and helpful. Awesome!

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    Works like a charm!!!!!

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    it works perfect

  • Cellular data downlord

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    It didnt work for me..

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    I’ve been trying to get my iphone back online for a month now, thinking it was software issue, and thanks to this information i’ve been able to get back online whilst out and about thanks

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    Fantastic – I wish I understood why Apple make it so these things happen in the first place when all you are trying to do is legitimately unblock your phone, but this solution is brilliant. Thanks.

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    Thank you so much for this! I wasn’t actually expecting it to work, however it is a method that has finally done the job, thank you for this post!

  • Squishy

    Ok, so I got this iPhone brand new from Verizon and, out of the box, the Internet didn’t work. Changing my APN seems to be the only fix that I’ve seen. (all the others I’ve tried didn’t work). So my questions is (are) will changing my apn require a jailbreak, will it void warranties, or screw anything up?
    All info on this will help a TON.
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    It worked for me! Thank u so much!!

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    It worked for me…this is very helpful. It save me from going to a techie guy.

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  • I tried it! it didn’t work

  • ima sound dumb, but i bought an iphone off ebay and the seller said it was brand new and when it got here it was wrapped n everything so i assumed it was new n unopened. but now im having this problem so im guessing it was jailbroken….any help?

  • Hi, I’ve make exactly what you said but I have this message:


  • didn’t come up with the carrier names??

  • Thanks!! it works great!

  • How about in iPad 2 same problem “could not activate cellular data” what will I do?

  • How about in iPad 2 same problem.. What will I do?

  • Mean it worked a Treat had a hi phone had no pan settings used this and got 2 degrees mobile Internet,cheers


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    Hellllppppp!!! It’s not working for me! I followed everything to the letter. Now what?

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    This happened to my iPad3 after I upgraded to iOS6. No amount of restore to factory settings did the trick, BUT THIS WORKED and was beautifully simple – 3 minutes top, and I was FINALLY back on 3G Internet. THANK YOU.

  • This worked smoothly with me!! Thanks alot for this!! Good jobb

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    thank you so much, i’ve been having this problem for 2 months now.i been calling t-mobile to resolve it and they was so useless, keep on telling me all sort of useless solution. i’m so happy i found your blog. thank

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    worked with straight talk, Straight talk said phone wasn’t unlocked when indeed it was Factory unlocked. Performed this a 4s and it worked like a charm

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    this threat was really good. i tried it a second ago for my ipad and it works! thanks!

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    This worked great! Thank you for the help! I just did the new jailbreak for 6.0.1 on my iphone 4s. Everything went great, except I had no internet access. This completely solved the problem. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I realize that this is an old post, but this was happening to me after ios 6.1 upgrade to my iphone 4 using straight talk sim and hope that this may help the next person.
    Thank you Manofsteel1982 – Syncing with iTunes via USB worked like a charm your way worked for me!!!! thanks again.

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    followed the directions and I am back up and running. I tried a lot of other things without any fixes, could of saved a lot of time trying this first!

  • IT WORKED I HAVE IPHONE 4 jail broken and unlocked upgraded to software 6 and then my internet and text would not work this web link fixed it in under 90 seconds!!!! THANK YOU

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    it works.. tnx 🙂

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    thank you so much!!!! I didnt have internet for about 2 weeks and this worked! not even at&t my own company helped! 😀

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    my safari wont open for me to eneter the adress. may i please know why. am using 3gs with firmware 6.1.3

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    how to subscribe cellular data network..and the options of my wi-fi..is says no wi-fi?..

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    how to activate the cellular service?..

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    Thank u So much!!! My freakin phone connects to the internet!! But some times(often), it tells ‘could not activate mobile data’ then I had to turn off mobile data & on again… Then it connects to internet.. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to connect… Even reset network seettings didn’t helped me… Thanks a lot to u… Also, I usually do not type comments!!! It helped me a lot that’s why I am typing a lot of text up here… Once again, thanks a ton!!! U saved my life…

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    works like a charm, but why does it has to be like this?

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