I’ve been in the Midwest for the last 3 weeks, traveling around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan with very few opportunities to get on wifi. Worse, most of the places I went to didn’t even have 3G coverage, forcing me to rely on the slow Edge, when available. I am currently in Chicago (for one last day before finally going back home to San Diego) where there is some very fast 3G coverage.

The first thing I did when arriving in Chicago was to enable tethering with this simple hack. It took about a minute to get it to work and to get my laptop going. It was the first time I actually tethered my iPhone 3GS and I have to admit that I am incredibly impressed with the speed.

I didn’t make any scientific test to see how fast it really is, but it seems to me that my wifi at home is not faster than that. Every once in a while there is a little downtime but nothing really annoying.

If you want to use your iPhone to get internet on your laptop (also known as tethering), I suggest you have a look at this hack.

  • TheAnswer1313

    There was some talk about them doubling the 3g speed a while back from 3mbps to 6mbps

  • Carlos

    i like the new website design :]

  • Sebastien

    @Carlos thanks for the comment about the new design but it’s been up for a couple months… When is the last time you visited the blog? You should come more often 😉

  • Elliot

    Worked beautifully, thanks!

  • Carlos

    it has?? i checked the Blog everyday, and this was the first time it showed up like this 
    I only surf from my phone, would that be the problem??

  • Carlos,

    I’m glad you told me about this. You were not supposed to see what you call the “new design”, which is the design you see when visiting the blog from a computer.

    However, when you visit the blog from an iPod Touch or iPhone, you are supposed to me directed to the mobile version of the site (the one you know). It’s a much lighter version that makes it “iPhone friendly”.

    I recently updated some stuff on the server and it had broken the mobile version of the blog, which explains why you were seeing the full blog design.

    I fixed it though, and you can now go back to the blog from your iPhone and you will be directed to the mobile version. Note that you might have to clear your cache.

    If you prefer the full design, you can simply disable the mobile theme by going to the blog from your iPhone, scroll down all the way to the bottom and put “Mobile Theme” on OFF.

    Hope that helps.



  • Rn3sto

    I knew it! XD

  • Peter Mallon


    After all the hype, Apple have now finally announced the iPad, and I’m hoping to get one as soon as they are released in the UK.

    I would prefer not to waitt for the 3G version (nor pay the extra money for it.)

    Am I right in thinking that, using my existing iPhone with the 3G service I already pay for, togerther with your software, I will be able to have internet on the move on the iPad when I am away from a wifi source?

    Yours in hope,

    Peter Mallon

  • Cristhian

    cost this extra money with a ifinite contact by t-mobile?