iPhone Download Blog reader kper sent me a very good hack for iPhone 2G or 3G owners who would like to have the same video editing capabilities as the iPhone 3GS. Basically, this allows you to view the videos you record with Cycorder or VideoRecorder directly in your Camera Roll. Additionally, you can trim the videos, exactly like on an iPhone 3GS.

Needless to say that this hack is only available for jailbroken iPhones (read this for jailbreaking information). In order to set this up, you’ll need a few applications available from Cydia: SSH, Terminal, SBSettings, and either Cycorder or VideoRecorder (I recommend Cycorder).

1. Download Video Toggle and unzip the file.

2. SSH the unzipped file to \private\var\tmp\

3. Enter Terminal as a Super User (type su – username: root – password: alpine) and type bash /private/var/tmp/VideoToggle/install (note there is a space between “bash” and “/”

4. Your iPhone should respring by itself. If it doesn’t, simply reboot your iphone.

You should now have a new toggle in SBSettings that allows you to edit videos recorded.

To try it out, either record a new video or go to your Camera Roll if you already recorded videos and you should see your videos there. Open a video and you should see the bar that lets you trim videos.

A few warnings:

  • This is a hack. You do this at your own risks! Don’t come back yelling at me if you mess up your iPhone.
  • This seems to be a little buggy. Again, perform this hack at your own risks!
  • When you trim a video, you lose the original video
  • When the toggle is on, you can’t take pictures anymore (switch it off to take pictures again)

I haven’t done this myself as I own an iPhone 3GS but kper has always been a good tipper so I trust him on this. Once again, you are doing this at your own risks!

If you have sweet hacks like this one, please feel free to send them to me 😉

  • Rn3sto

    very nice hack!
    But would like to have a video recorder app but directly from the camera app (sth like YouTuber) it would be nice to be able to record videos without needing to go to another app. you get what I say?

  • VistaUSer

    Worked Great ! I did notice a bit of slugishnes but I guess I may have had too many files on Camera Role ….. Anyhow thanks for tip Sebastien !

    • Deanerh

      I installed the hack and it appears in SBSettings. When I go to Camera Roll, it says I have 39 pictures and 2 videos but there are no thumbnails of the videos to select.

  • VistaUSer


    I wonder is the same hack can be applied to the iPod Touch, just the ability to edit videos would be nice…..

  • VistaUSer

    I just uninstalled ! I realized that although the toggle was off I still could not take pictures ! It is however a first step ! So Im glad its being worked on ! Hopefully it will be improved shortly !

  • VistaUSer

    sorry for all the posts ! But I think it doesnt just require the toggle to be set to off… it might also need a reboot ? (in my case it did) Even after I uninstalled it.. my camera was still not working.. until I did a reboot… ) so I guess I will give it another try and do the reboot…. But like said its a step in the right direction…… Hopefully inthe future Video Recording will be added to the Camera APP LETS HOPE !

    • Hacker101

      ya i had the same problem and tried rebooting to get my camera working and it worked. My videosautomatically went into the camera roll like were supposed to so idk what went wrong with other people's… still havent tried uploading to youtube though…

  • nathanP

    I just installed and it works but is sluggish. There is the option to email video or youtube but when I try that the video compression does not seem to work. Anyone have any luck with sending videos?

  • Thanks for the valuable guidelines. I will take note of all these reminders. Thanks.

  • Spaz

    Im suprised no one has made an app like the 3gs camera, come on if you can find all this hacks surly one of you can make an app where the camera and video combined so u dont have to keep clicking the toggle!!!!!!

  • Vern

    I don’t see any videos in my camera roll… 🙁

  • Vern

    I used cycorder, made a video, closed cycorder, didn’t see the vid in the camera roll

  • Vern

    For the record, the video does appear in cycorder’s list

  • Vern

    Ok, after turning it off/back on via sbsettings, the vid appeared in camera roll, and I was able to edit.

    When I tried to post to youtube it sat on “compressing” forever and never moved…

  • Gareth Phillips

    Looks very promising, but I see the same problems as people above. Cannot upload to youtube, and videos dont seem to appear in the roll automatically.

    Is there any way to get updates on the progress of this project? Would be very keen to see if any improvements can be made


  • Gareth Phillips

    What I will say, with the toggle on it is possible to use the free TWITVID app to edit and upload vids, as it thinks its a 3GS !! nice

    if only videos could appear in the roll, and it didnt break the stills camera !

  • Gareth Phillips

    correction TWITVID nearly works! It also hangs on compression apprently! Sorry !