Download Torrents on Your iPhone with Torrentula

By , Aug 19, 2009

Ever wanted to download torrents on your iPhone? It is now possible thanks to an application called Torrentula.

Torrentula is available for download from Cydia, which means you will have to jailbreak your iPhone to use it… The app also requires the latest version of Jiggy Runtime to be installed on your iPhone. Check this out for more information about Jiggy Runtime. After doing that, add the following source in Cydia:

Sunburst, the developer of Torrentula explains what to do next:

Download .torrent files to your device with the (recommended) or the Safari Download Plugin into the mobile (or root)/Downloads folder. The program will scan your mobile (or root)/Downloads folder for new torrent files, and will import any valid torrent files regardless of their filename or extension. When a torrent has finished downloading from peers it will be automatically moved to mobile (or root)/Media/Downloads when selected. Note: Torrents continue downloading even when program is closed. A device restart can often activate/fix stubborn torrents.

Torrentula will then let you browse torrents site such as MiniNova and will let you download BitTorrents straight to your iPhone.

I haven’t tried this app myself but iPhone Download Blog reader Jenster sent me this tip saying it’s working great. Try it out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  • David

    Sounds cool, but can anyone give me a good reason to use the iPhone as BT client??

    • Jackzilla

      this is exactly what I was thinking. I mean, other than bragging rights “oh you got that app? well, I can download torrents like a mofo!” I don’t really see the point..

      • iPhone 3GS


        “There’s an app for that”


    • Asbjørn

      When you’re on the go?
      E.g. On the way to your vacation, and you find out that you forgot all your movies?
      On your way to bookclub, and you haven’t read anything from the book.
      On your way to a party, and you forgot the music.

    • Al

      It’s perfect when ur on the go. Want to download something before you get home so ur not waiting.. Then Iphone torrent downloads is the solution.. Download then transfer to your PC or Mac. I love this feature..

  • jl500

    How do you install Jiggy runtime? Is there a source for it?

  • jailbreak itouch

    Thanks for sharing .

  • momtobe

    nice :) will try this soon as i have the time woohoo!

    and oh it will be pretty useful for me since my net speed at home is awfully slow unlike when im out and using my wifi account :p

  • Name

    I use this on iOS4 and i download a torrent for mp3s the mp3 file is always ‘invalid’, what do i do?

  • gus

    i was told i dont need jiggy runtime any more. is that true? im have 3.1.3 mc model.

  • Mike

    heres a good reason I use it to download movies and games when im in class because my school has wifi then I put them on my computer once im home

  • D3man

    It keeps giving me an error :/ anyway to get around it :,( I really want this torrentula app to work any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  • http://yahoo moneybali

    very good

  • Dumbass….gets rejected by cydia when adding as a source

  • lovrosuhadolnik

    i have it but doesnt work =-(

  • ijobain

    Someone say: Torrents downloads from Apllet TV

  • bogart

    ipod consumes less power than my pc. quite practical for slow connections

  • Mathieu Michiels

    hey! I’ve downloade Torrentula but i can’t find HistoryDL or Jiggy Runtime ! The source isn’t correct also..

    Please help me..

    Thank your very much!

  • Rahul Gupta

    It really slows down my iPhone and put it in hang mode.
    Is there any other alternate way to download torrents on iphone that doesn’t hang my device.

  • monks mula

    u can download multiple torrents. one on puter and one on iphone. it goes faster than having two torrents download at one time on da puter. peace

  • Tolis

    Aim good boy

  • Valters

    iTransmission is the best torrent app that works on 4.3.3 flawlessly! (dont know about other ios versions) download from google code

  • beb

    where I found itransmission??? in installous is not!!!

  • iPhone 4

    Such bullshit

  • Rodger

    How to add torrent in itransmission… am getting error invalid torrent file…when i use the URL method…

  • Gav

    Is it possible to download a (video/movies) torrent to your iphone and then watch it on the device? This would be cool, but I suppose u would need an app that can play different file types such as mkv. Anyone no how to do this? Thx