WinterBoard is one of my favorite jailbreak apps because it allows me to customize my iPhone and make it “stand out” from the crowd. One of the latest tweaks I found to push the customization a little further is to have a full custom UI.

There is a great-looking UI tweak available in Cydia called Matte UI Graphite.

Here are a few screenshots of what the new UI looks like. Changes are very subtle, yet very elegant…

  • Salar

    Nice, but dose the icons come with the package? Bc i downloaded this and it changed everything but the icons

  • raymond

    what are the settings on winterboard in your above theme? cause i’m still on helvetica ): but i love your theme!

  • Cal

    whats the whole theme setting you have on those screen shots? i really like it. Let me know thanks!

  • @Salar – no the icons don’t come with the UI tweak. It’s not a theme, it’s a UI tweak.

    @Raymond @Cal – These screenshots are not from me so I am not sure about the fonts and special settings.

  • Cal

    @Sebastien – but do you know what theme they are using along with the matte twist? THanks!

    • iPhone 3GS

      theme is called “Matte nano”

      font is called “NeutrafaceTwo”

      • Cal


  • Dan

    What do you use for the five across icons (not the five icon dock)?

    • Dan

      NM I found it.

      • Argnoth

        what was it?

  • Great theme, it rocks and installation was a breeze.

  • hidayat

    great UI tweak, but found bug in calc app

    run the calc with tweak enable and u will know what i talk about

    • I used the calculator several times (even a couple times today) and never noticed any bug. Can you describe it?

      • hidayat

        i tried remove and install back again, and the result shows the same thing. some bug with calc ui. hmm, scientific calc to be specified. normal calc works like a charm. anyway how to inform the author?

  • hidayat

    number pad seems to double and not intact correctly with the interface. but i will try to remove it and install back again, see if there’s any changes

    • Ok I see it now that you said it was in the scientific calc. Maybe there’s his contact info in the app description or “more info” link?

  • pizza

    i couldn’t find the icons tweak thing 🙁
    can u tell me plz how can i get it?
    i have the theme and it works perfect n lovely .. but i wanna have the icons too 🙁 pleaaaase


  • Cornflake

    Thanks, Matte Nano + Matte UI Graphite looks great on my phone!

    Also, I have the calculator bug also. It only happens when rotating into landscape mode 😉