AttachmentSaver is a new application that adds an extension which allows you to save your email attachments on your iPhone. This feature should be available by default but for some obscure reasons, Apple hasn’t deemed it necessary…

AttachmentSaver gives you the ability to download attachments of all types, whether supported by the or not, and save them into a folder on your iPhone disk.

Files are downloaded to ~/Library/Downloads (/private/var/mobile/Library/Attachments) and it’s recommended to install iFile to access the attachments you download.

This app is available from the Cydia Store for $1.99.

  • David

    Installed both apps and they work great!

    Thanks for the tip! 🙂


  • cliff hunter

    How can you say that Attachment Saver is available in Cydia? Its listed, but when you try to install it, Cydia cannot find the source. Very lame.

  • Strongwar

    Does a french version of attachement saver exist?

  • Freestyle

    What a shame, this app won’t download an mp3 that’s 19mb:(
    1st app that I have bought that don’t do exactly what it says, waste of money, sorry Cydia:( but there’s numerous apps on the AppStore that can save the file types this can save, but I bought into this thinking it would extract large music files as the description states it downloads file even if there not supported.
    Sorry guys, anyway I don’t want a refund and it’s about time I donated something for your hard work:)