Why jailbreak your iPhone? To me, every application available in Cydia is a good reason to jailbreak your iPhone. Simply said, jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to use many applications that are not available (and will probably never be) in the App Store.

Here are 30 excellent reasons to jailbreak your iPhone:

  1. It’s risk-free. Worst case scenario, you can restore your iPhone to factory settings
  2. Install third-party applications with Cydia
  3. Get MMS with SwirlyMMS
  4. Add custom notification sounds and ringtones for free
  5. Use a free turn by turn GPS with xGPS
  6. Get video recording for your iPhone 2G or 3G with Cycorder
  7. Stream live videos with Qik
  8. Use Voice Over IP apps over 3G and Edge with VoIPover3G
  9. Enable Flash with iMobileCinema
  10. Download and save YouTube videos on your iPhone with MxTube
  11. Tether your iPhone with PDAnet
  12. View your iPhone on your TV with TVOut
  13. Play Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES and PlayStation games with emulators
  14. Watch every single episode of South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, the Simpsons, the Office, and Futurama for free
  15. Filter incoming calls with iBlackList
  16. Email your voicemails with Voicemail Forwarder
  17. Customize the look and feel of your iPhone with WinterBoard
  18. Quickly manage your settings preferences with BossPrefs
  19. Sort your apps into folders with Categories
  20. Run apps in the background with Backgrounder
  21. Quickly reply to SMS with iRealSMS
  22. Track your lost/stolen iPhone with iLocalis
  23. Display information such as emails, SMS, calendar and more directly on your lock screen with IntelliScreen
  24. Spoof your caller ID with 123Spoof
  25. Change your iPhone fonts with FontSwap
  26. Get haptic feedback for your keyboard with HapticPro
  27. Show a picture of your contacts in your contact list with Cyntact
  28. Transfer files via Bluetooh with iBluetooth
  29. Enable battery percentage on the 2G and 3G with Battery Percentage
  30. Unlock your iPhone

Can you think of more reasons to jailbreak? If so, please add them by leaving a comment below.

  • Mike

    One reason not to is the problems with skype, and I don’t want to hear that there are no problems, there are.

  • berserker8984

    i got a pioneer car radio that reqiures 3.0 and atm i got 4.0 and am not jail broken should i jailbreak to downgrade my version or is there a easy way to downgrade basically i am looking for a way to downgrade to 3.0

  • Henry

    If you use Redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5 you can get Multitasking and background wallpaper on iPhone 2G and 3G

  • marweea

    Hi, I just heard about the “jailbreaking” possibility=S and I’m almost 100% convinced of doing it, but I have a couple of questions:
    is there a jailbreak version for the lattest iPhone software 4.0.2??
    which web page is the best to jailbreak the iPhone?? RedSnow???

  • RyeToast

    Google “download official apple ipsw 3.1.3 iPhone (whatevermodelyouriphoneis)”, the backup your iPhone, open iTunes and shift+click restore, it’ll ask from what file you wish to restore, choose the file you downloaded. Then once it’s restored click restore from backup, then go to jailbreakme.com and have fun.

  • Tvanne

    @marweea: currently no, so downgrade to 4.0.1 best place to jailbreak is go to “www.jailbreakme.com” on your iphone and it’s idiot-proof.
    make sure to include www
    also before that, clear history, cache, cookies under settings.
    also turn off wifi

  • Big J

    hey i need help i have an iphone and i got a text sayin that the data plan is required to own one. i dont want to pay for the data plan but at&t found out i had an iphone that i worked and paid for.i want to use it without a data plan but they wont let me. Can i jailbreak and fix this tracking problem.

    • mike

      If you find out how to do that, I’d like to save money also

  • AndyT

    can i download apps from other places like p2p and ftps and then just add to my ipod touch?

  • CuriousIphone

    I’m considering jailbreaking my phone I was told it can be hacked but if u Change the password for the phone u can prevent that..answers please and thank you

  • Frank Thomas

    I’ll tell you why I didn’t jailbreak my iPhone 3G or now my iphone4. It is because I have read a lot where things that are stock on your iphone stop working. Also the iPhone stops working proficiently and at it’s max potential when it is jailbroken. Another reason is because your warranty is void after jailbreaking an iphone. I am very happy with the upgrades that the iphone 4 has over my iphone 3G without doing anything to it. And the last reason is because to use a good jailbreaking system it costs money. But in this day and age people aren’t happy with the things they have. They always want more. And that’s ok, I just prefer not to.

    • Webbcrawler

      Thank u. Good enough for me.

  • Rex

    Can’t get my Bluetooth to work on my 4.0 jailbreakn iPhone? It said error bigboss has no plug or route ??

  • CANfirefighter

    To big J
    I don’t believe they can make you subscribe to a data plan. It may be different in the states but when I first got my iPhone I just got Rogers ( the phone company) to shut down the data functions.

  • Johnny Juice

    I am new to the iPhone 4 world and very disappointed with the lack of vibration in silent mode. Also not happy with the 6 choices of alerts for text messages b/c none of them will wake me up and I depend on it for my business. Can I fix these issues by jailbreaking?

    • Gurps

      Yes if you jailbreak it you can just get a song and use that as your ringtone or alarm tone.

      Also installous is like a free appstore so free games!

  • ringer98

    When I attempted to update itunes to the latest version, it crashed. I have done absolutely everything, including involving two computer techs, to make it work. So, I can no longer access itunes from my main computer which has the bulk of my content in it’s HD. If I can’t get itunes, how do I know I’ll be able to ‘restore’ if necessary? Does anyone know how to fix the itunes problem?

  • I want my iPhone jailbreaked

  • what is holding me back is if i jaibreak my 4.2.1 and then restore it if it messes up, will i still have my apple care 2 year plan?
    please email

  • Hector

    is there a jail brake for 4.1 3g iphone yet, do I need to up date

  • Ren

    Can the peeps dat jailbreak ma iPhone hack in to ma email???

  • Jim norris

    I have iphone 3gs i can download music from itunes but not media player how come i cant get my music off media player

  • tiffany

    ok i have a poblem with my music i can not play and or hear my music on my ipod or anything period ever since my phone was jailbroke any suggestions to what i my need to do?

  • Rick

    What will upgrading to 4.2.1 and jailbreaking my iphone 4 do for my that my jailbroken 4.0.1 (from jailbreakme.com) does for me now?

    • casey

      ummmmm YES!

  • Michael

    is there a way to disable/hide the text message alert pop ups? Either by jailbreaking or something else?

  • Francisco A

    Best piece of advice on this whole forum >>>> DITCH THE iPHONE AND GET AN ANDROID.

  • TrishaG.

    If I jailbreak my papilla will I be able to use it as a wifi hot spot.

  • Hannah

    im scared to can you still put itunes music and apps from the app store on it

  • Point No. 4, 6, 8, 9, 17, 20, 22, 28, 29, 30 it’s the best,
    because iPhone 3G and 2G have limited features than 3GS.
    Dev Team is really BIG HELP, it made you can explore your iPhone with unlimited features.

  • id say this needs to be updated, as of ios 5 there are so many apps there that are broken, and / or replaced with superior alternatives, eg Celeste/air blue sharing, instead of ibluenova. nevertheless this is a good list of apps/tweaks for a new jailbreaker to review and decide whether or not to grab