I was watching TV yesterday night when I saw the Copy and Paste TV ad for the new iPhone 3GS. I had seen this ad many times before but it was the first time it stroke me how laughable this ad really is.

This is the new iPhone, and it lets you do some pretty incredible things… You can copy a phone number, and paste it in a text. You can copy an article, and paste it in an email…

What made me laugh is that they are using the copy/paste feature as a selling point. Of course this is a brand new feature for the iPhone, but you have to keep in mind that copy/paste has been available on all other smartphones forever. Besides, the copy/paste feature on the iPhone has nothing of revolutionary. If anything I think it is very clunky and intrusive. Yet Apple sells it as a technology breakthrough.

Then at the end of the ad comes the catchy phrase:

Copy and paste on the iPhone 3GS, the most powerful iPhone yet.

Well of course it’s the most powerful iPhone yet; it’s the latest one and there has only been 2 before that.

I think this ad is really deceiving.

What do you think of the latest iPhone ads? If you didn’t have an iPhone yet, would they make you want to get one?

  • That is pretty sad that they’re tooting copy paste as a revolutionary feature. When they should’ve had it in the first place! I love my iPhone, but Apple has odd thinking sometimes.

    They’ll come up with a fabulously designed device, and then leave out something stupid like.. copy paste, SMS, or stereo bluetooth – That even trash phones have..

  • Rn3sto

    this ad is quite all man!
    … and yes, it seems to be bad bu that is the Apple style.

  • PS

    Dude, did you try c&p on other devices? iPhone c&p is actually pretty slick – albeit not revolutionary. It IS old stuff – but new for iPhone users – and remember, lots of iPhone users are not the run of the mill smartphone users that are used to these things.

  • I dont own an iphone, i wish i had one, but i have to say, those commercials make me not want one.

  • Fábio Oliveira

    I’m partially agree with PS. Copy paste in most devices is just clumsy and as it is true that it is a feature that must have had since its beginning, the iPhone managed to sell millions even without that.
    So what’s the deal? The iPhone didn’t need it, it was client management and Apple knows how to do it.
    They can say that it’s the best iPhone yet because iPhone is a selling brand, a good selling brand. They can do it and they deserve that.

    But using copy paste as a selling point is not the best move as it isn’t a frustrating point for anyone with smartphone experience. And the iPhone ease of use is just possible to show after some time using it.

    This ad looks like aimed to current iPhone users or made to justify the absence of such a commodity.

  • Irha

    Perfect proof that Apple lives in its own world.

  • iPhone 3G S

    I saw this commercial today too and my first thought was “why are they making a commercial about Copy and Paste and making it look it is an EXCLUSIVE feature of the iPhone 3GS”. The reason I say “EXCLUSIVE” is because all the other iPhone 3GS commercials advertise its exclusive new features so this commercial makes Copy and Paste look like its another exclusive feature of the 3GS.

  • I am not a great fan of copy/paste on iPhone. Does not really work well for me 🙁

  • Marz

    I think it’s false advertising. MMS isn’t even available yet.

  • me

    are you guys serious?
    am i the only one who picked up on the sarcastic tone of the commercial???
    i think apple is just being humble / modest in making a commercial strictly about copy/paste. do you really think a company like apple would create this advertisement with the ideaology of touting copy/paste as a cutting edge feature?
    dig for the sense of humor people!

    honestly i think the way copy/paste was implemented on this device with no buttons is phenomenal, and dare I say “was worth the wait.”