DigiTimes reports that Foxlink, a subsidiary of Apple’s iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, is currently developing its own micro projector technology that should start showing up on devices as soon as next year.

International brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Apple, reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year, indicated the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple.

Such a projector would allow you to project videos from your iPhone to an external surface. While that’s a lovely rumor we’d like to be confirmed, I think it’s very unlikely that we’ll see a micro projector on the iPhone for a few years. It’s still a very “bulky technology” that wouldn’t physically fit on an iPhone without altering its neat design.

  • Being first to integrate a projector would certainly contribute to preserving the iPhone’s domination, and would be coherent with the iPhone’s concept.

    As for the issue of “bulkiness”, recent progress already has rendered to being no more than a tech challenge.

    So the question is whether Apple’s engineers are of a caliber to meet this challenge… or whether it’ll be one of the other future or present “smart phone” competitors. Looking forward to see whether they (Apple’s engineers are…