Less than a week after making the first steps towards an iPhone 3GS jailbreak, GeoHot posted more evidence of it. The jailbreak was made possible by using the 24Kpwn exploit the Dev Team talked about a few days ago.

The bad news is that we’re gonna have to wait a bit to jailbreak our iPhone 3GS. Apple is about to release firmware 3.0.1 and it would make little sense for the Dev Team to release their jailbreak now. Instead, it is going to wait a bit and update PwnageTool and RedSn0w once 3.0.1 is out.

I don’t know about you guys, but having a stock iPhone 3GS drives me nuts. I miss my jailbreak!

  • Good luck to Dev Team and thank you for your work!

  • Rn3sto

    nice one, but I hope Apple is not thinking of blocking the jailbreak proccess found by the devteam! (could be)

  • sourpatch992

    please hurry on the 3Gs jailbreak. i am getting anxious

  • myking

    Guys I missed my iphone 3gs.I accidentally updated z new version.I’m waiting soooooooooooooo eagerly.plzzzzzz deal with it asap.