One of the new features of the 3.0 firmware is numerical battery. This feature, which has been available for jailbroken iPhones for a long time, lets you see the percentage of the battery left. It’s a really neat feature as I think it’s more accurate that the little battery logo to figure out how much battery you have left.

It took me a while to find out how to activate the battery percentage as this feature is kinda burried in the settings.

To turn numerical battery on, simply go to Settings > General > Usage.

Feel free to contact me should you have tips & tricks about the new iPhone 3.0 firmware.

  • Esteban

    its only in the 3gs…

    my 3g, doesnt have this option, i cant understand the why … when it was tested in the 3g…

  • Hi,

    I have iPhone OS 3.0 (7A341) in an iPhone 3G, and I don’t see that options (under Settings/General/Usage)… any ideas of what could be the problem?


    Jorge Avila

  • Rn3sto

    What can I do to active my batery percentage on my 3g?

    … and… Do you know if there is a theme of the new iphone 3gs for the iphone 3g, so I can fool my pals that I have the new one! 😛


  • Yes, it seems this is just available for iPhone 3GS. If your iPhone is jailbroken though, you can use BossTools and show the battery percentage.

    @Rn3sto – the 3GS looks exactly the same as the 3G, so if you want to fool your friends, just tell them it’s the 3GS. They have no way to check unless they go to the settings or ask you to show them voice recording.

  • Rn3sto

    yep… But better then, you can download compass S and ThreeGS from cydia… So you get the compass batery percentage and the camera skin!

  • Rn3sto

    It’s called CompassF

  • tintspectrum

    i just downloaded and installed threeGS and it does exactly as Rn3sto says, it makes 3G just like the 3GS and it adds the ability to turn on battery percentage under settings> general> usage>. thanks for the cool tip

  • Phayzer

    Hmm i installed threegs and i cant see the option

  • jordundun

    add the source: in cydia and download asBattery

    reboot and then go to Settings -> General -> Usage and it will be right there

    this will show the 3gs battery percentage for all 3g and 2g iphones =D

    • Karan gandhi

      Thanku vry much!!!

  • Jacky

    I have 2g phone with firmware 3.o jailbroken, but I can’t find Battery Percentage on setting–>general–>usage. what should I do? please help i really love it.

  • Phayzer

    Thx jordundun

    • tintspectrum

      open cycia then add source after the source is added open it up and look for threegs then download, reboot and then it will show up.

  • Jacky

    I can’t download it, please help jordundun

  • Calitox

    It worked how cool is that he he he add the source that Jordundun said it really worked ASBattery is called, the only thing we need is an upgrade for the Cycorder to beat the awesome 3GS …… no wait …. already done it hehehe, apple bastards

  • jordundun

    @Jacky – make sure you have the source added, it screws up sometimes. and then search for asbattery. after installing it make sure you reboot your phone.

  • Calitox

    I’ve noticed that after i installed the asbattery from cydia and then turned on on settings my battery drowned very fast i deactivated this option and my phone survived like 2 more hours, that battery thing sucked my battery phone in less than 6 hours and the only thing i did with the phone was make a couple of calls and 6 messages so i won’t turn it on again, any thoughts about this??

  • jordundun

    @Calitox – are you sure it drains your battery? because i installed asbattery right after i update my phone to 3.0 so i didnt really notice the difference between the battery life of my phone with and without asbattery on. is anybody else experiencing this?

  • Nice article and blog as a whole, very informative; thank you Sebastien. This blog is referred by my good friend Ankur and it’s really worth to. You are really a geek on iPhones. Keep up the good work.

  • Sebastien

    Thanks Xavier. I appreciate your comment

  • jordundun you are the best thanks for the link bro.
    still have to test if it will drain the battery fast though, we’ll get back with my experience.

    Keep the good work guys

  • tintspectrum

    for the battery issue what worked really well for me was to go to settings/mail/fetch new data and turn it off and also set to manually, with it on it constantly checks for new battery life greatly extended by changing this feature.

  • tintspectrum

    in reference to what i just posted, you will still get your email. what it will do is check for new mail whenever you check your mail like most email programs instead of constantly checking throughout the day even when you are doing nothing with your email.

  • Adden

    I have Firmware 3.1.2 and my battery percentage is there but not in the specified settings menu.

  • Bob

    iPhone 3g (not S) 3.0 software don’t have this feature where u say it is bra!

  • It doesn’t have that option on the 3G sadly.

  • Sorted thanks mate