There’s a bunch of new GPS application being released in the App Store these days. Even AT&T took a shot at it by releasing AT& T Navigator. The app is free to download but $9.99 will be added to your bill every month to use it. Pretty pricey if you want my opinion…

AT&T Navigator was developed in partnership will TeleNav and includes some of the following features:

  • voice-guided navigation
  • automatic rerouting
  • real-time traffic updates
  • and more…

At $9.99/month, you might as well buy a cheap TomTom. Thanks but no thanks, AT&T. I’ll wait for the TomTom app that was presented at the WWDC a few weeks ago.

  • Doug

    I’m in Brazil and tryed to download this, for my surprise the download was completed. I tried to open the program and a message telling me about the charges showed up. But I’m using “oi”, a carrier that is not even officially to the iPhone here in Brazil. But I was afraid to test… anyone has tried to run this app outside USA and not being AT&T ? If I use, will I be somehow charged ?

  • Hi Doug,

    I don’t think you can possibly be charged by trying out the app. I’m pretty sure you can’t go all the way through the setup process. I might be wrong so that’s be cool if anyone outside the US could confirm.


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