The Dev Team posted an update regarding the iPhone 3.0 jailbreak. It seems the jailbreak is harder than they expected, but there’s nothing too hard for our favorite team of iPhone hackers.

We have two issues that we’ve been trying to resolve:

  1. There are new 3.0 complications with if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device
  2. There’s a bug in Apple’s new version of asr that our custom IPSW’s are tickling and causing crashes on, on some devices.  (For the nerdy or curious among us, the details of that bug were tweeted by planetbeing a month ago.)

As of Thursday morning we now have a workaround for #2.  For #1, we’ll try our best to get it fixed but we may end up releasing a preliminary jailbreak in which YouTube doesn’t work for hacktivated devices, and then follow that up with a more complete jailbreak when we can.

As a reminder, this jailbreak is necessary to inject UltraSn0w, the payload that will allow you to unlock your iPhone.

  • Zach

    When will the 3.0 final release be able to be jailbroken?

  • Phayzer

    Whenever the Dev team finds a way to work around the problem they are having

  • Zach

    Thanks. Hope its soon!

  • cheses100

    Why don’t they just include mxtube in the jailbreak cause that’s got all of the features of the plus you can dwonlaod the videos too

  • Omar

    I wanna change to 3.0 software from the 2.1 on my iphone 3 G
    Question is will i lose my apps and songs if i upgrade?

  • Jacob

    No, you will still have all the applications and other contents restored to your iPhone. Make sure that before you change the firmware, take a backup/sync via iTune and once the firmware update is done, it will ask you whether you need to register this phone as a new phone or to restore from your sync data/backup.

    If your phone is jailbroken/unlocked, it will be relocked and you will loose your jailbroken functions on the phone after the firmware update.

  • D

    Ok, it’s officially Friday, is UltraSn0w out yet?

  • JB

    Sorta need the jailbreak before you’ll be able to ultrasn0w.

  • Niccy

    Heyy I want to upgrade my iPhone to 3.0 but I want to know if I’ll lose all my jailbroken apps?? Like mx tube and gpsphone etc?? It won’t be worth it if I have to lose them!

  • Phayzer

    Niccy yes you will so until you jailbreak it again you wont be able to use them

  • Oh man….still waiting for the great escape from the locked phone! Anyone have any idea when they are going to release the Jailbreak?

  • Gonzo_uk1

    Hi i have iphone 1st gen running on 2.2.1 it is jailbroken and ulocked as this is an old phone will i be able to get the new software for my iphone i will need to unlock and jailbreak will this be possiable

    Thanks Gonzo

  • jori91

    Hi , ive got a 1st gen iphone and ive upgraded it to 3.0, so im wondering is theyre a jailbreak out yet for the 3.0 version? and btw another question why did my app store apps stop working when i upgraded my firmware?

  • katie

    Hello, I want to upgrade my iphone 3G to 3.0 but I’m not exactly sure how to do it cause the phone is jailbroken. Should I restore then update then jailbreak again with the 3.0 version that’s going to come out soon?

  • @Katie – yes. I wrote a few tutorials on how to jailbreak the 3G. Check out the homepage of the blog.

  • Christy

    Hello, I have a 1st gen iPhone unlocked and “jailbroken”, used on tmobile. If I upgrade to 3.0 whats going to happen to my phone? Can i upgrade?

  • Derryla

    I have a jail broken & unlocked iphone 3G which has Firmware 3.0.1 working off a UK Carrier network (Vodafone) which just recently took a contract with Apple to sell the Iphone over they’re Network. The original carrier was O2

    My question is this – Can I update the firmware to the latest release and if so how?
    Also on a seperate issue, now that the exclusive rights of the Carrier distribution is no longer just O2, would that mean that I could actually just perform the update through iTunes and reset the phone to factory settings in order to run it ‘organically’ on the Vodafone network? Or is that a pipe dream 🙂

    Sorry if these questions sound obvious to certain people but the whole firmware/unlock/jailbreak gets a bit daunting after a while mixed in with Tethering and ‘baseband or baseline’

    Thanks again