Just a quick post to remind every unlocker and jailbreaker out there that if you can’t live without your jailbroken and/or unlocked iPhone, you should not update to 3.0.

Updating to 3.0 will simply prevent you from jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone, no matter if it is a 1st gen or iPhone 3G.

My advice to you: wait a few days for the Dev Team to release a new jailbreak for 3.0 and for UltraSn0w (the new app that will unlock your iPhone) to be released.

  • John

    So, does that mean it’s impossible to jailbreak my phone now?

  • Nah. You will be able to jailbreak still. No worries. follow @musclenerd on Twitter.

  • rn3sto

    man… too late
    I’m just restoring my iPhone to 3.0!
    You should have posted it earlier!
    do you know when is going to be able the quickpwn (PC)?
    (hope I’d be able to install my cracked apss)

  • Sanjay


    Will I be able to jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3g? I heard with the earlier O/s 2.2.1 I wouldnt have been able to use yellow snow with the jailbreak.

  • Redford

    Hi Sebastien,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now along with the other blog’s most specially dev- teams, well all i can say, you guys are like my morning newspaper =) Thanks for the info.’s / tips & cracking! all the best to you guys..

    btw, just like to ask since it’s not been discussed re. changing your itunes ver. first for you to update to 3.0 FW.. Is it necessary for me to change my itunes ver. to 8.2 before i can update to 3.0 FW on my IP3G? or i can do update to 3.0FW using my current itunes ver. Actually, i don’t want to update to I-tunes 8.2 yet since it’s been advised that it disables quickpwn & pwnage.. Another thing, can I restore back to 2.2.1 if i find 3.0 quite a bit slow in my 3G? coz most of the changes made by apple in the 3GS are more on the hardware might be because of the resources needed by 3.0FW to run properly.. just my speculations.. =)

    Hope to hear from you dude & more power!! =)

  • when is the new jailbreak ultra snow gonna be available cuz i can’t wait to update my iphone and well it work on iphone 2g ??

  • Phayzer

    Guys if you need update like the guy said follow the dev group

    friday is when the ultrasnow supposed to come out and jailbreak was suppose to be yesterday but whenever its ready

    As far as ppl say you should have posted before… its common sense. 3.0 just came out if you update it will un-jailbreak your phone. Thats what an update is from apple to prevent people to crack their phones. So either you wait to update or you update. Its not science

  • Laurnzo

    Not entirely true, you can upgrade your iPhone 2G to fw 3.0 and it will still be unlocked and activated but no jailbreak ONLY if you used pwnage and not quickpwn when you upgraded to 2.2 or 2.2.1. My 2G is upgraded to 3.0 and it’s workin fine except for YouTube. This is confirmed on iclasified website. So again I’m stressing the ONLY if you used pwange for your last upgrade and please use upgrade in iTunes not restore. My two cents!!

  • Hey, thanks for the heads up Laurenzo!

  • john

    hi i have a iphone first generation. the phone was unlocked and it has 2.2 but i want the 3.0 can i get it or will it mess up my phone. i have tmobile and i got the phone unlocked from a friend and they did everything. so what can i do?

  • @John – seriously dude? Did you even bother reading the article or what?

  • lexington

    when will i be able to use my you tube again i have a 2g and upgraded it to 3.0 im just curious

  • Sarah

    hi, i just bought an unlocked 3g( middle version) iphone and was wondering why my computer says the sim is not compatible with the phone( as im with tmobile) probably….but is ther a way i can have itunes on my phone even when its a tmobile si?? please help im totally ignorant with the iphone!!

    Irish lady xx

  • hi

    How to download apps without locking my 3G again(happen to me once)

  • joe


    yes you can have itunes on your iphone im on vodafone in dublin no problems wat so ever

    just so to the app strore and get the free itunes app there dont be afraid to sync your phone to computer just dont accept any up dates and you will be fine

  • Audra

    Is that still thecase? I wanna upgrade my phone but would hate to have to unlock it all over again. I have songs I took off someone elses computer and would hate to lose them. So just the basic upgrade and it will still be unlocked? And yes I used pwnage.

  • Audra

    So doing the upgrade like laurnzo said will make me have to unlock my phone all over again?

  • Kels

    HELP! i’m an idiot and wasn’t paying attention when i clicked okay to updating my Iphone what the hell do i do i can’t use it now I had picture messaging and everything idk what software that is but i was on t moble what can i do can anyone help me?