The new iPhone 3.0 firmware update is available for download through iTunes. To get it, simply plug in your iPhone into iTunes and click “check for updates”.

I will also update our iPhone Downloads page with direct links to the 3.0 firmware when I can put my hands on it.

  • Phayzer

    OK so i updated itunes gave me an error when i tried to accept my iphone wouldnt give me the info of my phone. So i dont know eventually i was able to restore my contacts and all. Now my ringtones wont transfer to my iphone???? is it not working cause its not jailbreak? cause it worked before . and before was always when my phone was jailbreak so lol helppppp

  • Rufus

    I’ve been finding a lot of answers to my iphone questions at DocumentLab

  • Seven

    I have updated my iPhone and it took me hours to activate it. I couldn’t use my account even after fixing all keychain issues and signing out of iTunes. It only got activated when I used my sisters MacBook!

    I was getting this message from iTunes “iTunes store connection failed error 8904”.

  • Todd

    I have tried downloading the 3.0 software from both my computers and after backing the phone up prior to downloading 3.0 i get the following message on both computers. The Iphone cannot be updated at this time becaise the iphone activation server is temporarily unavailable. Whats going on any ideas

  • Phayzer

    Try it by removing your sim card and putting it again and update. I dont know few ppl did that and it fixed their issue. As for me it updated it just when u plug ur iphone to put ur backup back mine said it couldnt connect to the store but everything is good now and i redownloaded my ringtones and now everything is #1

  • I dont think its at Canada yet cause I cant download it at iTunes yet :/

  • Phayzer

    Im from canada and got it since yesterday

  • Download iPod touch version free from I used it and it worked perfect 🙂 lovin 3.0 😀

  • mike w.

    I have an iphone 3gs with 3.0.1 firmware update on it. How do I get 3.0 back on it so I can jailbreak and add cydia?

  • Heidi

    I had no problems getting the firmware update, but once it was finished my picture that shows up when I unlock is now my background. I would like my black background back, while keeping the picture on the unlock screen. Is that possible? I just want it back the way it was prior to the update.