Dev Team member MuscleNerd sent a tweet a few minutes ago about an upcoming live demo of the YellowSn0w unlock for iPhone 3.0. The live demo will happen Tuesday night, most likely on Qik and should answer a lot of questions.

This demo should show how YellowSn0w can unlock firmware 3.0. I assume this unlock will only work for iPhones that currently support YellowSn0w.

  • Rn3sto

    wow man…!
    how nice… do you think it would work on the iPhone 3g s?

    And another question…. when you first turn on the iphone are you require to enter some kind of password from at&t to activate it? or it would just show you the home screen as usual? [so that you can intall yellowsn0w then]

  • No, it won’w work on the 3G S because it has new hardware. I think it will take a while to the Dev Team to figure out a soft unlock for the 3G S.

    When you first plug your iPhone into iTunes, it will ask you to activate it. Basically, it means that you have to transfer an existing phone line or create a new one.

  • rain

    This is definitely a good news!

    I have an iphone 3g here which i bought several months ago the firmware is 02.30.03 version 2.2.1 and i havent used it since then because im t-mobile and from the blogs i have read i have to wait till the 3.0 release to unlocked it.

    If i update this to 3.0 will i be able to use this unlocked and jailbrake?


  • @rain – we’ll find out tonight