iphone 3g s 3.0 firmware

The 3.0 firmware for the iPhone 3G S is now available for download on Apple’s website: iPhone2, 1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

Installing it on your iPhone 3G won’t give you video recording or copy/paste. No, unfortunately it’s pretty useless for the time being as it can only be uploaded on an iPhone 3G S. So don’t waste your time downloading it and trying to install it on your iPhone.

  • PhayZer

    Whats the point??? The 3GS isnt even out yet but they release an update that cant be use for the 3G???

  • Well, they didn’t really release it. It was just uncovered. It’s not official yet.

  • Sam

    Im downgrading from 3.1.2 just to get tethering back… Curse you AT&T im switching to Verizon as soon as i can

  • jose

    tengo el iphone 3G S.como puedo acer para vajarme temas cambiar los links y todo eso.no se si tiene algo k ber pero tengo contrato con moviestar 18 meses.gracias

  • Esetban

    Did not work…