If you were thinking about upgrading your iPhone 3G to the 3G S, you may have been turned off by AT&T scandalous prices for its “valued customers”. Indeed, current 3G owners willing to upgrade to the 3G S will have to pay between $499 and $699 depending on the model you want and renew their contract with AT&T for 2 more years.

A smart folk over at iTalk iPhone figured out how to purchase an iPhone 3G S without an AT&T contract.

Note that you will have to pay full price for the iPhone, but at least you won’t have to renew your contract for 2 more years.

1. You need to use FireFox and have the FireBug plugin installed.

2. Go to any non-Apple product in the Apple Store (example)

3. In FireFox, click the little FireBug icon at the bottom right of the browser. FireBug will pop up. Click “Inspect” and choose the “Add to cart” icon.

4. Right above the highlighted part on the image above, you should see “TV943VC/A”. This is the product code. Change it to the product code of the iPhone you want. For this example, we’ll choose the iPhone 3G S 32GB MB 718LL/A.

iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A

5. Finally, click on the “Add to cart” button and voila! The iPhone you chose should appear in your cart. You can now proceed to check out.

I tried this myself up to the Check Out part. It worked. I obviously didn’t try to order the product as I already pre-ordered my iPhone 3G S.

Props for this hack go to an Admin of the iTalk iPhone forum.

Results seem to be mixed. Some people claim that it work. Some others claim that it doesn’t. If you try this out, please let us know in the comments.

  • kasun

    Hi..i live in sri lanka. i badly need a iphone. can any one please help me on that case., i need a shipping to srilanka coz theres no apple dealers in here.
    how do i find it easier. can any body pls give a trusted web site or contact.

  • Nicholas

    you cann contact me on email.we ship to sri lanka
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  • Nicholas

    phone no 447011164475

  • I tried,
    But i didn’t show anything on that page after i clicked the add to card button
    , What should i do

  • We have brand new Apple iPhone 3GS’s starting at $529


    Have a great day!

  • Muni

    i tried with firebug,but when i change product code it redirects me to at&t page to make a contract…..
    can someone help???

  • Rosen

    why i can turn one . i mean when i goo to add to cart and fuck top man ????

  • Tayla

    I have an assignment to do >.<
    I have to find out The Fixed Contract on an iphone ?
    Can you help me?

  • Mike

    Hi all.

    Please, does anybody know something about that store?


    The price for Iphone 3gs 16gb is 530$!!! Is it possible?

    I hope that its not a scam. But…i`m confused…

    What are you think about it?

  • I just walked into MAC today and asked to buy an iPhone without a contract. They said nope, no can do. They would not even let me “get one for a friend”. They seem to be losing alot of $$$ due to this silly AT&T thing, because frankly, there is not one person I know, who enjoys the AT&T service as a mobile provider.

  • Jabber

    You can buy legally an unlocked iPhone in Belgium at Mobistar.be
    Belgium law forbids linked sales (e.g. phones & contracts).
    But be aware its more expensive 32Gb €679, 16Gb €579

  • i want to buy iphone 3gs without contact but how much is it without contact?

  • Jabber

    That is without a contract.

  • jOE

    It doesn’t work. It just redirects you to the iPhone page and makes you purchase a AT&T contract.

  • John

    I read it all, you people are the reason for the high price of a product, built in a china for pennies, the hype created by you stupid, spoiled rotten gotta have crybabies. If you are willing to part with that kind of money, for a mass produced piece of shit phone, then Im quite positive its not your hard earned cash ! Mommy and Daddy wipe your ass still ?

  • agt

    your hit, the nail on the head, man ! I think you made the whole bunch, cry ?
    I have not been with a contract for years, with at&t, and when I need a new phone, I pick up a 20 dollar pre-paid@ wal-mart or where ever they have at&t pay as go phones, and put my sim card in and Im good to go ! If everyone did that, the whole game would change. We the consumer, the customer would again be in control. Im so sick of reading and hearing, ” I just got to have this…..”. When I started years ago with the then cingular, I signed my first contract, and the phone was a huge Nokia. The deal was sign a 2 year and phone was mine for 1cent. Best phone I ever owned. Dudes right, Its almost comical, you people are your own worst enemies, apple, and all the major companies that target dumb ass consumers, love your money, and they laugh at the way you do what ever it takes, to get what you want. You damn right they have someone in there multi billion dollar company reading this shit, planing their next product, wondering how may idiots are willing to part with their parents money. YOUR ALL, PATHETIC !

  • iPhones are just very popular. I read the whole thing here and then went to the closest AT&T store – they said: “No”. Then I went to the closest Apple and bought the brand-new locked to AT&T 3Gs at the full price. Anyone can buy it directly from Apple as well as unlock it.

  • lauren


    sorry if i sound stupid lolllll

  • What works? ATT is the cell phone service provide.

  • I am Me

    Why not buy the phone under contract for $200 for the 3Gs. then cancel the contract for $175. Cheaper that buying it out right.

  • Nick

    Will this work for the fourth generation?

  • It didnt work for me. I`ve tried with Firefox and Chrome. Another detail: I’m using Ubuntu System.

  • I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING but the stupid thing wont work it keeps coming up as a blank page!!!! Can someone help please!

  • ACK

    I just want you to know, agt, that the company is still cingular. They changed their name back to AT&T because it was a trusted name.

  • sam

    I can’t believe it!!!!
    is that for real????
    please don’t joke!
    I live in india and will buy the iPhone but please confirm me that it is not a bad joke!

  • ani

    PEOPLE, BACKLINKS FROM THIS BLOG ARE USELESS! If you need an IPhone, just go to the fucking Apple store and buy it right from there. If you live outside US, email me at anileague@gmail.com and I will mail it to you!

    • Allison

      Apple Stores won’t let you buy an iphone without proof of an AT&T contract!

  • amos

    i live tanzania country, i badly need iphone for my self use, but i do no the procedure of buying and how can it reach in my country, so please help me on this issue

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    i live in india and i need an apple iphone 3gs 8gb at 220USD. can anyone help me out?

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  • Missvickii

    I tried but it didn’t work. It became blank.