From Apple’s website:

  • chimmay

    yea i just read up on teh new 3GS.. im so disappointed with the phone. theres nothing great, more space, voice command and compass. things that will never be used… ill just stick with the 3g and hopefully 3.0 will do wonders.

  • Wow, less than 24 hours with the 3GS release and you already have 3 posts on it 🙂

    Nice comparison, the OS 3.0 brings the iPhone alot closer to a proper usable cell phone. The 3GS, as with all new iPhones, highly overpriced for it’s value but I still see huuuuuuuge lines to get them 🙂 It really is an amazing phone to use no matter how much one complains 😛

  • VistaUser

    Voice Command should have been added to the current 3G, if Yahoo was able to incorporate it on its search APP why doesnt APPLE allow it ? Again they like to screw customers.

  • David

    3G stays in my pocket for now. No reason to upgrade… Disappointing.

  • chimmay

    you know what they have still failed to do, upgarde to a better speaker!