AT&T is once again showing proof of how much it sucks. The new iPhone just came out with two basic features that we’ve been waiting for a long time: MMS and tethering. Unfortunately, AT&T sucks so much they were not able to get their shit together on time and we’ll have to wait to be able to use these features. How long do we have to wait? Well, we don’t know… As Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch says:

At launch on June 17th, MMS is going to be supported by 29 carriers, and tethering will be supported by 22 of them. So when can we finally expect these stateside? MMS is apparently coming “later this summer”. And tethering? A much more nebulous (and ominous) “later”.

This is ridiculous, plain and simple. AT&T has almost certainly known about Apple’s plans for many months if not years, and was probably involved in determining when these features would be launching in the first place.

Want to hear even more ridiculous? I tried to pre-order the new iPhone 3GS on Apple’s website and I can’t get it for under $599… Yes, the price tag says $299 but you have to qualify for it. Here is what the fine print says:

Requires new two-year AT&T wireless service contract, sold separately to qualified customers; credit check required; must be 18 or older. For non-qualified customers, including existing AT&T customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone 3G, the price with a new two-year agreement is $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB).

This is far beyond scandalous. I switched to AT&T to get the first iPhone. I renewed a 2 year contract to get the iPhone 3G last year, and now, I have to pay full price – $699 – for the new iPhone 3GS. Are you serious? I hope this is a mistake and it will be fixed quickly.

  • glc

    I am pissed off royal at AT&T wanting to rape current iPhone customers who want to upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS.

    As a loyal Apple customer for years, I always upgrade to the newest products. And as this writer indicated in his blog, he bought the first iPhone, then the second, and now wants to upgrade to the new 3GS. I’m in the same boat.

    And AT&T wants to charge me $699. That’s an outrageous rape.

    I will not pay it.

    I told this to A&T (who, by the way, did not have any knowledge whatsoever that new phones had even come out yet…..). AT&T doesn’t give a shit. So you know what?

    I love Apple, but not enough to keep getting raped. And I’m a stockholder of Apple.


    I’m cancelling my AT&T contract (how much will that cost?) because I refuse to give that company one more penny of my hard earned cash.

    And I’m going to jailbreak my current iPhone and go with another provider.

    Screw AT&T.

    I’ve had it.

    Steve Jobs had better wake up.

    Who drafted that damn contract between Apple and AT&T?

    Did they have a “screw loyal customers” clause?

    I’m mad as hell and won’t take it any longer.

    I’m not kidding.

    So long AT&T.

    So long Apple.

    You can have your Apple 3GS iPhone. I love technology, and will pay for it, but I will not be constantly raped, yes, I said raped, by a company I hate.

  • Jeff

    That’s what the phone costs. What, you want AT&T to pay for one EVRY year? They’ll just build that into their monthly fee. So you’ll pay for it either way.

    So what’s the problem?

    Unless you’re expecting Apple to just give you a free phone. But that can’t be what you’re asking for, is it?

  • I’m in the same boat as you. I left Sprint to get the 1st Gen iPhone and then upgraded to the 3g. Having now lowered the 3g price (I guess I can understand this though) I will have a tough time selling my 3g to get the new one. We will see how long I wait to get it. I’m a loyal user and it’s been totally worth the cost every time so far. Not sure if $599 is too high a cost for loyalty though.

  • geo

    While, the In-contract upgrade cost is upsetting, think about this: You got your 3G at significantly less then the actually product costs. (Look at broken iPhone replacement charges to see the full value of the phone.) We’ve gotten our 3Gs for $199 and $299 because AT&T is subsidizing the cost to Apple in exchange for our two year service commitment. It’s a fairly standard business model. We get a price break on the hardware, and AT&T makes their money back over time through our phone and data plan. Since Apple will probably update the device annually, you really can’t expect AT&T to let us out of our contracts annually without penalty, or without charging us full price for the device. Otherwise they are not recouping on their investment. I know AT&T is the big bad corporation, but they have their methods set in place to turn profits, not be a charity. Annually resigning people to the “new iPhone” for 2 years will cost them a significant amount of money. Wait out your contract, or pay full price. You signed the contract.

    BTW, I know there is precedent from the original iphone to the 3G, but that was a case of a significant hardware upgrade with increased data speeds in a very short amount of time from the initial iPhone’s release. And, AT&T did not subsidize the first set of iPhones, allowing them to offer the hardware discounts on the 3G.

  • man…. this blows.
    I moved to att just to get the iphone – then, t-mobil which is 1000% better did not carry it.
    I have 3 phone lines that i pay for – yet they seldom work – seriously –
    ATT you have to redeem yourself, if it at all is possible.

    You commercials are so nice and claim what I want to call lies.
    I have over 200 pics on my iphone, capturing the screen showing reception down to nothing.
    all within 4 week period.
    This is scandalous as you say.

    ATT – I am a very disappointed costumer of yours.
    (btw – when ever i send email from iphone – on the bottom, after my
    signature it says “sent from my mobile AT&T – which I don’t recommend)

    Thanks for speaking up!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Well I bought my first iPhone (the 3G) as an early upgrade last August. I went to Apple’s website and just purchased the 3GS as an upgrade today for a total of $215, and it should be adding an $18 charge for the upgrade.

  • sellitman

    You are nuts. EVERY PHONE company subsidizes the cost of a phone over a two year contract. You will like everyone else have to wait until your contract is up or pay more for the phone.

    Why is this so hard for you to understand?

  • Micah

    I don’t get why people are upset about this. It’s a subsidized phone, if you aren’t in the terms of the contract to upgrade you can’t get it for the subsidized price.

    If you have a 3G you’re only missing out on the video recording, new camera, and processor speed.

    Most of the other great functions will be available in the FREE 3.0 software upgrade.

    It sucks that

  • “Well I bought my first iPhone (the 3G) as an early upgrade last August. I went to Apple’s website and just purchased the 3GS as an upgrade today for a total of $215, and it should be adding an $18 charge for the upgrade.”

    How on earth are you getting it for $215? I’m seeing either the 16 GB 3G S for $399 or the 32 GB for $499 as a “valued AT&T customer.”

  • “I don’t get why people are upset about this. It’s a subsidized phone, if you aren’t in the terms of the contract to upgrade you can’t get it for the subsidized price.”

    Mainly because last year AT&T let OG users upgrade to the 3G for the advertised prices of $199 and $299 provided they extend their contract. 3G users now should be given the same privilege since the OG owners’ contracts are expiring.

  • It would only make sense to keep your current iPhone users happy. As the blackberry world has stepped their game up considerably. I’ve thought about jumping the pond since I’m the only one in my crew who doesn’t bbim and I can get all the apps I use for iPhone on bb now . People who own the iPhone are the biggest sellers of it, I answer questions all the time from people interested in buying the phone. If I can’t have access to getting the new one until my “upgrade” is eligible in 2 years that’s real wack. Because I’m not paying 700 for a phone that someone else paid 300 for. Boo on apple and Att

  • Mike M.

    this is totally false- the 16 gig phone is $199, the 32 gig is $299- end of story.

  • iSquirrel

    So what? Is it REALLY that important to upgrade your phone with minor differences? 2G to 3G was huge. This is a tiny step up. Video? Big deal. Slight battery improvement, eh. My 3G is awesome, and by the time my contract comes up, the next interation will be out– and it’ll be exactly where I need it–two evolutions up, not one minor one. I don’t need to have every new model. If what I have works, why upgrade it?

    Quit whining. You’re annoying the internet.

  • iSquirrel

    Also: Its’ your own damn fault if you can’t ride out your current contract. You should know better that there will always be a new model within a year of purchasing the current one.

  • biggeric

    to mr. GEO is it?..lissn bruh,thats a nice lil speech ther.sounds like an elitist attorney. but i know a pimp wen i see one rite.these companys are on the stock exchange and its required by the board/govrnmnt to turn a profit evry quartr.ok…. but at wut cost? if yu read these complaints CAREFULLY these peepo are WILLNG to pay wut the adds SAY….only to find out its ALLL BATE AND SWITCH!!!??? PUT AND TAKE!!!?????the only way theyr tactix as a company can work is if yu sign a contract! nobody expects them to be a charity and dont make the mistake of thnkng coz we lowly trustng peepo of the lowlands want a product that weer to be pissd on.we want gud product at a gud price and not be fed contempt with a spoon for the trubble! the problm with coporations is that they forget wut side theyr bread is buttrd,NO nobody put a gun to anybodys HEAD to sign anythng.but remembr its called a CONNN-TRACT for a reason rite? i mean REELY,im readng these complaints and theyr all pretty thnk that alll these peepo are WRONG is statistically impossible!now maby im misundrstandng yu but am i to beleev that ALLL theses peepo are just CHEAP and want somthng for nuthng? NOOOO NOT THE CASE. they just want wut was promissed and for the company to be ethical and appreciative.or am i askng to much of the poor happless ATT? if this is wher weer going then let us pray,for .the inmates have surely taken over the asylm.yor thots?

  • geo

    On June 11th, 2009 at 1:11am, biggeric wrote:

    “Dear Mr. Geo is it?
    Listen brother, that is a nice little speech there. It sounds like an elitist attorney. But I know a pimp when I see one, right? These companies are on the stock exchange and it’s required by the board/government to turn a profit every quarter. Okay? But at what cost? If you read these complaints carefully these people are willing to pay what the ads say; only to find out it is all bait and switch? Put and take? The only way their tactics as a company can work is if you sign a contract! Nobody expects them to be a charity. And don’t make the mistake of thinking because we are lowly trusting people of the lowlands who want a product that we are to be pissed on. We want good product at a good price and not be fed contempt with a spoon for the trouble! The problem with corporations is that they forget what side their bread is buttered on. Now, nobody put a gun to anybody’s head to sign anything. But remember it’s called a “con”tract for a reason, right? I mean really, I’m reading these complaints and their all pretty similar. To think that all these people are wrong is statistically impossible! Now maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but am I to believe that all theses people are just cheap and want something for nothing? No, not the case. They just want what was promised, and for the company to be ethical and appreciative. Or am I asking too much of the poor hapless AT&T? If this is where we are going then let us pray, for the inmates have surely taken over the asylum. Your thoughts?”

    (The preceding quote has been edited for clarity and has been formatted to fit your screen.)

    Dear Mr. biggeric,

    While I would love to take the time to dismantle your poorly constructed and poorly worded argument, I feel that you have actually done more to support and prove my point in your argument than I could ever write here. Your attitude of entitlement, bitterness, ignorance and horrendous logic simply make my points all the more clear. It is obvious that your opinions will not be changed, regardless of how ridiculous they are. Therefore I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, may you continue to fight the oppression that is capitalism, free market, proper spelling and grammar.

    Resident of the Lowlands,

    PS: You got it wrong, I’m not an attorney. I’m a line cook at a small diner. I just think that proper literacy and composition skills should be displayed by all, regardless of their employ.

  • JohnT

    Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between AT&T and ITunes/Apple…ITunes no longer accepts activation of Prepaid – Pay as you go service. Of course they didn’t tell me this until AT&T charged my card $59 first month pay as you go service. When I tried to activate my IPhone through ITunes I was told as of last week, they no longer provide prepaid service. AT&T won’t refund my money…just a heads up in case you had prepaid Iphone services. Now I have a dead $300 Iphone permanently locked and no cellphone. Thanks Mr. Jobs

  • Martin

    Look everyone. I have only had my Iphone 3g for 3months. I switched from verizion to get the iphone. I wanted it so much that I even paid the $200 to cancel early. I was dissapointed with no mms when i bought it but when i found out about the 3.0 os, I was excited again. Now that the upgrade still lacks mms im like wtf?? Then they come out with a new phone 3gs with no type of deal for existing customers?? BULLS#@$!!! I dont think anyone on here is looking for a “free” phone or even a “hand out” but I would be willing to take a lil bit of a loss and buy the 3gs for the price of $299, which is what i paid for my 16gb. But $500something? You got to be kidding me. I just bought the damn thing and have to wait 2years. Thats just not right. I dont think anyone will pay the $500 or $700 like some people had been saying. I mean do you really think that the phone cost that much and we are just getting a deal for signing a contract??? I doubt it very much. And just because it cost that much to fix or repair doesnt mean it cost that much to make and we should be happy about the price we got. And since they dropped the price of the 3g, i cant even sell mine for less than i paid, take a loss and buy the new phone. Why would they do that??? It really is like they just want to screw people. I guess they figured if we keep the 3g prices the same, people can sell their old ones and get some of their money back, to buy the 3gs. No they lower the prices so we cant do that, and they can sell their left over 3g phones for a cheaper price. Smart for them yes, but damn im screwed. Oh yeah, here is one good thing for at&t, I live in Moorestown, NJ, and I have to say, I get much better signal with at&t than i did with verizon and sprint. So ill just sit here with my 3g(os 3.0) and wait till the price drops. Iphone is still the best phone i have ever owned.


  • Mary

    AT&T holds their customers hostage.
    Everyone needs to bail the second there is an alternative.
    Their arrogance is unbelievable.
    Everyone needs to complain to Apple at
    We need immediate relief from this tyrant.

  • Stevereno

    So freaking sweet. Can’t wait to get my own!