iTunes 8.2iTunes 8.2 is available since yesterday. According to the update notes, “iTunes 8.2 now supports iPhone or iPod touch with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. iTunes 8.2 also includes many accessibility improvements and bug fixes.”

As always when an update comes out, I highly suggest jailbreakers and unlockers do not update iTunes yet. According to the Dev Team:

This update is one of those that incidentally breaks QuickPwn and PwnageTool.  It doesn’t seem like an anti-jailbreak.  But nonetheless, it will break your ability to re-run QuickPwn or PwnageTool’s dfu-entry.

Because this update isn’t a deliberate anti-jailbreak measure, it’s easily fixed in our tools.  But we really don’t want to update our tools until 3.0 is out, so please don’t update to 8.2 if you think you’ll need to rejailbreak your device. 🙂

iPhone Download Blog reader VistaUser also warned me that iPhoneBrowser doesn’t work anymore after updating iTunes to 8.2.

  • Owned

    ohhh fuck. i have already updated to 8.2 and now i cant use iphonebrowser. Any way i can like downgrade itunes or some shit.

  • photogirl1991

    iFuntastic does not work either. Paid $20 for all Features and used for 2 days until iTunes upgrade and does not work. (The device and Firmware are recognized as ‘Unknown’ and won’t even let me pay another $20. Shows Device as ‘Unknown’ and ‘Shackled’. Which it has been jailbroken with QuickPWN. I loved iFuntastic too! 🙁

  • Ryan

    I accidentally downloaded the latest update for the iphone through itunes. What can i do?

  • @Ryan You’re fine. iTunes 9 is not bad for your jailbreak or unlock.