I am really excited to announce that we now have a forum section on the site. I should have set this up a long time ago but for some reason I never did until last weekend. We’ve been testing the forum to make sure it works 100% and it is now out of beta for all of you to use.

The forum will be the perfect place for everyone to share, comment, and ask any iPhone-related question. For your convenience, I divided the forum into 8 sections:

  • Troubleshooting: if you have a problem with your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Jailbreaking: discuss QuickPwn, PwnageTool and everything related to jailbreaking
  • Unlocking: ask any question about unlocking your iPhone
  • Apps: discuss App Store and Cydia apps
  • Themes: share new themes, wallpapers, etc…
  • News: discuss the latest iPhone news and rumors
  • Accessories: talk about new accessories
  • Lounge: a general area where you can talk about anything you want

If you have any question or comment about the new iPhone forum, please let me know. The forum is YOUR place and I want to make sure it’s as cosy as possible 😉

Enough talking, go visit the forum now!

  • iPhoneMan

    It would be cool if you can integrate the forum with the blog. Just the template. Would look really nice. If you like I can do it for you for a small fee! 😉

  • What’s a small fee? I thought about it but until the forum gets a decent amount of traffic, I don’t think I want to invest any money in it…

  • iPhoneMan

    The forum is sure to get a decent amount of traffic. I run my private service for vbulletin/phpBB + wordpress integration and other mods. My usual charge is $20 but I am willing to give you 50% discount and charge just $10 for it since I have benefited a lot from iDB 🙂

    Think about it.

  • Yeah forum is best place to discuss. I checked it, It has less threads and content , understand you just launched it. As now a days iphones apps are in hot demand, In Apps category, Show all apps in individual sub-cat, So navigation will become more easy and that will also help in SE so more pages will comes in SE results. Just an suggestion.

  • Hey Rody,

    Thanks for your suggestion.