A couple of weeks ago, I reported about Peekababe being rejected from the App Store because it was too much of a sexy app. Well, even though the app doesn’t seem to have changed at all, Peekababe is now allowed in the App Store, proving one more time that the app approval process is just a giant joke.

According to TechCrunch:

So why did Apple approve the app this time? Well it may be because Sookie now includes a 12+ rating for it. “My rating was based on the guidelines that they have for the iTunes store. Better to be safe than sorry,” Bigio says. There is also a clear note saying that it does not contain any nude or pornographic pictures. 12+ is kind of funny though. Something tells me a lot of parents wouldn’t want their 12-year-old playing with this app.

I really like the irony that it’s not ok for kids under 12 to see ladies in sexy lingerie but it sure is ok for them to kill, rob, and sell drugs in the Mafia-like iPhone games…

You can download Peekababe on iTunes for $0.99.

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  • Rome Boy

    Ok, maybe its bc I wasn’t born in the U.S., and Europe is so much more chill and normal about sexuality, but its exactly the kind of reception this app has received that makes me glad NOT to be an American. I can’t believe everyone is so uptight and is actually getting mad about some girls in bikinis. Are you serious?! Where do you live? In an igloo in Alaska? And I guess, you like never watch TV or anything like that. There is nothing wrong with this app. Its just got it off iTunes and its really fun. Nothing to be scared of, ppl.

  • Hey Rome Boy –
    Sebastien here. I’m European too (I’m French) and I know what you mean when you say that the US is really uptight! But hey, it’s Apple’s decision, not the US government decision. For info, I don’t think there is anyone complaining about this app anymore now that Apple approved it.

  • A.Cardenas

    Hot app. Cool undressing thing.

  • priscilla27

    i’m a woman & i just downloaded this app to see wut the fuss is all about. i found nothing wrong w/this ap, i actually thought it was kind of cute in a sexy way lol. & im def not getting offended over this, because, it is true, women get used all the time for advertising, but hot guys do too, so why am i going to get upset about it? i’ll take it as a compliment actually

  • greg l.

    peekababe may have a silly name but it was a great app. i had a lot of fun playing with the models clothes. they were sexy girls, but most of all, the app was entertaining.