We already know that the App Store app approval process sometimes doesn’t make sense by rejecting applications that seem totally legit. The non-sense also goes about how Apple sometimes approve applications that should never be developed in the first place.

In Apple’s App Store right now is Baby Shaker, a new app which, displays a picture of a baby and plays crying sounds. To make it stop, you have to shake your iPhone really hard, after which the crying will stop and two X’s will be placed over the baby’s eyes — implying, of course, that the baby is dead. I’m not kidding.

According to TechCrunch, “a woman who lost her own son in 2007 after he was shaken to death, brought the app to CNET’s attention. And rightfully so”.

Baby Shaker [download link] has to be the most offensive app I’ve seen so far in the App Store, and I really wonder how someone at Apple could have ever approved this. I’m pretty sure the app won’t stay long in the App Store.

Here is a video of Baby Shaker in action:

  • Well, this is a BAD app. Obviously, but I mean, really, all it does is show some red eyes on it. Kind of bad, but not really

  • This app is certainly offensive, if not for it’s idiotic central theme, then for it’s lazy execution and complete lack of entertainment. It’s not like I have a hard and fast rule about baby-killing games. If this game wasn’t so stupid and boring would it be as controversial?

    In any case, I think it’s important we not forget what side we are on. I hope people don’t start calling for this app to be removed from the app store. I think that freedom in the app store is rather important (and I think that’s the goal of talking about legitimate apps that have been denied).

  • Vista USER !

    Are these Apple idiots on Crack ? Why in the F$## would they aprove this. You I wish they would start talkign about Apples way of aproving and rejecting APPS. No offense to iphoneblog, but I wish bigger people would start taking notice of this.

  • I wonder what kind of person it takes to come up with an application as dumb as that. I doubt that anyone would ever want to have anything of this sort, so hopefully it will just go away, and on its own.

  • What’s the point of having allll these filters if u still can sell such app on the appstore. you can kill a baby with a iphone but don’t ever show too much skin…whatever

  • fdgdfgd

    i don’t get what’s so offensive about this. if that lady seriously felt that strongly about this stupid app then maybe she was shaken as a baby herself

  • Vista USER !

    You dont understand whats so offensive about this ? Obviously you are some lonely little jerk that doesnt have kids, meaning no wife, no girlfriend.

  • Hacker Alias

    It’s not even about it being offensive, it’s about Apple’s heavily flawed app store system. Remember “I Am Rich”? I still have it on MY iPhone. Then there are the network tethering apps that apple denies time and again but then they reveal that OS 3.0 will INCLUDE tethering. Let apple screw themselves by approving this kind of thing and ignore it if it doesn’t have any direct impact on your life.

  • lol

    If someone made a stupid app about the Pope being shot, or an animal being tortured, i’d be more offended than by seeing a shake of something that can’t even walk.

  • AlekNovy

    I think the word “offensive” is used too much these days, and its starting to tick me off. We’re becoming a society where every one has something they’re offended by.

    In the good old days if something offended you, it was YOUR problem. The world is slowly turning into a politically-correct bulls*it.

    How do you know the baby is dead? Does it say its dead? That’s just a subjective interpretation. It shows 2 red X’s over the eyes. That’s it. It might just mean that you failed at the rocking.

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