Apple has once again shown its inconsistency and its limit on creativity by rejecting the iPhone’s sexy new app Peekababe, as first discussed on Download Squad.

You can check out Peekababe on YouTube, and the only thing you see is that the user can take the clothes off the beautiful models to leave them in their seductive lingerie. You can also save these hot pics for your iPhone’s wallpaper.

Peekababe doesn’t have any kind of nude or pornographic pics. So why did Apple reject it??? An insider commented that Apple rejected the app for claims of excessive sexual content. Oh, so it’s not OK for Peekababe’s models to show some skin and their lingerie, but it’s OK to kill, dismember, and chainsaw a game character on the iPhone?!

A special thanks to Tom for sending this in 🙂

  • Dwayne M.

    Man, this app is hot. I like this stuff.

  • Jonas Fan

    i just can’t believe that apple rejected this pretty cool app for too much sexy when there are sooooooooo many apps out there that have same sexy too. whatev, it happens all the time with apple so no point getting worked up over it. lets just hope they fix whatever technicality apple wants them to fix and that they just get approved already.

  • dannyswrld

    oh well. i know!! add nude pics and release it on the cydia store. 🙂

  • its amazing. when you pay attention to their bodys proportions you can see that, compared to the pictures with clothes, some things are obviously made bigger.