For those of you who follow this blog, you already know that me and my fiance are in Costa Rica for a couple weeks. For those of you who don’t follow the blog, well, now you know…

Costa Rica is a brautiful country. It’s very green, even though it is currently the dry season. Animals here are nothing you are familiar with if like me, you live in the States. The most common animal in Costa Rica is the iguana. They are everywhere. Another animal that you see less often than you hear is the howling monkey.

Howling monkeys are little monkeys that kinda look cute when you see them laying down on the branch of a tree but God knows how annoying they are at night.

So Tina and I are staying in nice little cabins in Manuel Antonio. The cabins are pretty much on the beach, a few trees surrounding us. In brief, it’s a paradisiac place.

The problem comes at night when the monkeys start howling. It is such a lound noise that it will wake you up. Howler monkeys are actually considered the loudest land animal. Tina is a real positive person. She always see the good side of things. So when the monkeys started howling in the middle of the night, she said to me I should embrace the howling instead of just going nuts as I was.

Freaking out on things is just the way I operate. I am working on it but I still have much progress to make… So it’s about 3am and the monkeys are howling like crazy. I am in the room, looking throught the window trying to figure out where they are. It’s dark out so I can’t see anything. I am so freaking pissed at these monkeys that prevent me from having a good night sleep after such an exhausting surfing day.

Then all the sudden, I have a brilliant idea. I grab my iPhone and launch the most annoying app known to man: Sound Grenade. It annoys everyone I know in less than 10 seconds, so maybe it’s gonna work on these monkeys.

Right on!!! I started the annoying sound right in the middle of a howl and the monkey stopped right away. I then opened the door to get closer to them and I heard 2 or 3 of them moving from tree to tree. Mission accomplished! The monkeys moved to another area. I could still hear them but they were very far away and the sound was much more bearable. I went back to sleep and had a peaceful night.

It’s a very stupid story but I am so glad I had this the Sound Grenade app with me.

Do you have any story about how an iPhone app saved your butt? If so, share it with us in the comments 🙂

  • Justin

    Sadly I don’t have a story but my family and I are talking about going to Costa Rica over summer, where are you staying? Sounds beautiful.

  • Hi Justin,

    We have a blog where we talk about our adventures and about where we stay. You may check it out at


  • Ben

    i did a study abroad program to costa rica. First from the airport we went to a hotel in Santo Domingo located in Heredia not too far from San Jose, the capitol. The name of the hotel was called, “Bougainvillea”. afterwards we traveled to limon on the carribean to puerta viejo and stated at a lodge where we all had our own little huts it was cool. Each bed had this net that would hang above the bed that you’d have it hovering over you and the mattress but from the ceiling while you’re sleeping so the bugs can’t bite you at night. it really isn’t as bad as you might think!

    We hiked to a small village that nobody knows of it is a small community called Punta Mona that these people only cook what they grow from their garden. Everything they use is from the land. It took us about 2.5 hours hiking through the rain forest just to get to this small community. it only consists of a kitchen and a place where you dine and sleep. also there is outhouses where you go to shower. the rest is rain forest.

    after a week there we went to San Juaquien in Heredia and that is where we studied at CPI (Central panamericano internacional). During our 2 month stay in Costa Rica we traveled to these places.
    The peace waterfalls
    el volcan poas
    el volcan arenal
    Monte verde (here was an optional excursion where we got to do cool things like ride on zip lines through mountain tops and other cool things like fall out of the sky from a ledge far far up hooked in a harness and right at the end when the rope tugs you go flying far far far!! In monte verde we also got to go to a coffee and sugar cane farm to see the process of sugar cane and coffee beans. I believe Monte Verde was in Alajuela.

    In Guanacaste we went to this vegetarian farm where we stayed for a week working and learning many great things and what it takes to maintain a farm. They ate no meet at this farm, nor did they slaughter any animals. they had goats and cows and many animals that helped them do daily choires and they provided food for the people at the farm for example milk cheese and everything they grew was editable. even things that you would never find in the states! (papaya!).

    I also went to Panama City on one of my free weekend from the University in Costa Rica, but that is another story!

    Costa Rica is a great place with many tourists in the thousands and thousands! Costa Rica is not a third world country, and the country has really come a very long ways! I would say that Costa Rica is a safe place but still common sense and safety is not forgotten ever no matter where you travel in the world. If you are a foreigner, likely you will always be the one that will be the victim chosen instead of a local citizen.

    Feliz Viaje!

  • Thanks for telling us about your trip to Costa Rica, Ben 🙂