As you all know the greatest thing just occurred: the iPod Touch 2G has been fully jailbroken. But how do you jailbreak? Very simple.

This tutorial is for PC users only. There is no Mac version available yet. The Dev Team is updating PwnageTool and Quickpwn to work for this. You need to wait a bit. This method requires a FULL restore.

OK so you must first download QuickFreedom. You can download it here, here, or here.

Make sure you have the C++ Distributable Package and LIBUSB. You can install LIBUSB directly from the program. Just press the button in the beginning. So here we go:

  • When you open the program you are welcomed to the main menu. Click the “Jailbreak” button in the center.
  • Make sure it says LIBUSB is installed and give it a second for it to find and copy the firmware file. When the option becomes available click next.
  • Choose whether you want to install Installer and if you want custom boot logos. When done press the “Create Firmware” button.
  • When that’s done it will put the custom ISPW in the desktop. Click next.
  • Now put your iPod in DFU mode. Hold the Power and Home button for 10 seconds and then the Home button for 8 seconds. When in DFU press the “Start Pre-Jailbreak” button.
  • When it is done you can close the program.
  • Open up iTunes. Go to your iPod. Press and hold shift and click restore. Select the ISPW in the Desktop and wait for it to restore. When it finishes you are done.

Post any problems in the comments and I’ll try to help.


I have seen a few reports that this is NOT working correctly with Windows 7 and that installing LIBUSB causes some problems. Please do not try this if you are on Windows 7. I will look into this and will get back to you.

UPDATE: Hey guys. QuickFreedom 1.1.1 has been released. It’s the same as before so you can still follow the instructions above. But this update fixes most if not all bugs that you guys in the comments were experiencing. You can download it here, here, and here.

  • Halo Shg

    For all of you who get an error when restoring (most commonly 1604), try the following:

    Try any of the following. They are ordered in least likely to most likely to work.

    (1) Restore to unmodded firmware before pre-jailbreaking. Continue normally.
    (2) Kill all iTunes and Apple processes in task manager before pre-jailbreaking.
    (3) Pre-jailbreak normally, restore on another computer.

    I got it to work perfectly by using 2 & 3 combined (killed processes, then used another comp)

  • Gas


    i have a question with the quickfreedom app.

    is everything erased? i mean, the contact list, calendar and notes too. or just the music vids and photos ?

  • jenny

    why do you need Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable? what if i don’t have it?

  • Mohamed

    heys guys
    if ur using windows vista and u got the “error creating firmware” message try the following
    1)Make sure ur using compatibility with windows xp sp2 from properties
    2) try right click and run as administrator
    i tried it and it worked for me

  • caamsaravanan

    My PC is latest. My iPod Touch 2G is latest. Quick Freedom is 1.2.0. iTunes is

    In Quick Freedom Version 1.1.0 is created firmware step is finished in few minutes. But Quick Freedom Version 1.2.0 is created firmware step not shown the percentage (not processed). But 1.1.0 version is responding in few seconds. I re-install 1.2.0 and try it. But it have same problem.

    In Quick freedom 1.1.0 creates fimwares successfully. Then DFU. Then restore it (Using iTunes). Preparing…..process is shown erron 1604. Then try it sometimes, it says same problem.

    Try to another latest pc, same problem.

    I hereby request your goodselves to kindly help me.

  • Awesome Possum

    Got a quick question, my Ipod Touch is using 2.2.1 firmware, when i finish jail breaking it will i have to reinstall the 2.2.1 firmware? I was just wondering because i updated it to 2.2.1 at a friends house because i have Dial-up so i dont have that firmware on my computer i’d have to redownload it and i really want to avoid that haha

  • Jason

    i am trying to put my ipod in dfu mode and it wont say that its in it. i know that i am going it right cuz i am holding the power and home button at the same time for 10 and then home for 8. but when i go to start the break but it says that its still not it dfu.

  • Zack

    When you are jailbreaking it how long between clicking the restore and having your ipod be done???

  • சரவணன் – தூத்துக்குடி

    Quick freedom 1.1.0 is suitable for 2nd Genenaration iPod Touch. Don’t try quick freedon 1.2.0. It does not supported

    If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

    Saravanan. M
    Chartered Accountant.

  • Ian

    when i click shift and restore its like i am just clicking restore, itunes looks for updates and i cant use my custum filmware

  • சரவணன் – தூத்துக்குடி

    @ lan

    Mr Lan.

    Did you follow into my way?

    iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak Requirements:

    iTunes Latest

    Quick Freedom (don’t use latest version) 1.1.0 version only

  • ces

    I used to jailbreak it using quick freedom..sorry it doesn`t work for me..I am using windows xp i want to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g 2.2.1 version..anybody can help me?pleasee.thanks

  • hey

    how do i find my firmwire when i trie to restore it?

  • connor

    help i have tried it and it wont work!
    it keeps going into recovery not DFU

  • Anthony

    I tried to go to iTunes and it said not enough memory can u help me

  • Anthony


  • Anthony


  • Anthony


  • brayden

    my friend jailbraked my iphone 3gs and then i downloded winter bored and it told me to to plug it into itunes so i did. and then id said i need to downlose 3.1 update and reset settings i clicked cancle and now my iphone wont turn on

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