[digg-me]It was just yesterday that I wrote about the App Store for jailbroken iPhones, and it is now live and running under the name of Cydia Store.

The Cydia Store is nothing more than an option that lets you purchase applications in Cydia. Not as straightforward as the official App Store, purchasing an application in the Cydia Store is however pretty simple. Either sign in using your Facebook or Google account as well as your Amazon account for payment processing and that’s about it. Cydia Store doesn’t support PayPal yet but this option should be available in the next few days.

The first application available for sale in the Cydia Store is called Cyntact and is a pretty new feature for contacts that lets you see the profile picture of your contacts in the contacts list. Cyntact is sold for $1, which is a very decent price considering what this app does.

Needless to say that your iPhone has to be jailbroken in order for you to access the Cydia Store. If your iPhone is already jailbroken, launch Cydia and a message will pop up asking you to update Cydia. Once updated, you will see the paid for applications showing in blue in your list of available apps. So far, only Cyntact is available.

As I already said before, I am extremely happy that the App Store will now have some real competition and that developers let down by Apple’s fascist regime can finally have a place where to sell their applications. For those of you shocked by my use of the word “fascist”, I invite you to read the wiktionary definition: a political regime ideologically based on centralized government, violently repressing any criticism or opposition of the regime, leader cult and exalting nation-state and/or religion above individual rights. Sound familiar?

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  • I love it that the iStore will start getting some competition. I held off from getting an iPhone for a long time because it was Apple and Apple is so controlling. The definition of “fascist” fits so well. Especially the cult mentality of both the leaders and a lot of the followers. Apple could sell cover-flow toilet tissue and some people would buy it just because it was Apple. LOL

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  • I’m happy with my first ever Cydia Store app. Mr. Saurik is a pretty sick programmer. Looking forward to more quality apps.

    But to call Apple’s approach “fascist” is a tad far fetched. I mean, they did create the iPhone and its technology. I don’t see a problem with them having it on lock down. Why wouldn’t they?!

    No need to always “hate the man” just for the hell of it…

  • @Chodite – why wouldn’t they??? Simply because this technology era favors those that embrace openness. When you buy a car, you can choose to put whatever tires you want on it, so let it be too for your phone. That’s my opinion anyways. I don’t pretend to be right on that one.

  • PS: I really like your profile picture on Vimeo 😉 Is she your wife?

  • Kreisquadratur

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree to your quote of definition about facism. The definition relates to gouverments and religions. And I hope you see a mobile device as the iphone, next to a hundred of them, not as your political expression neither as your religion 😉 So what apples does is maybe not nice in our opinion, but it’s not taking away freedom, since it’s a technical device. On the other hand… politic and religion can take serious freedom away. So we should be happy that Saurik is sick and likes what he does, and not angry at Apple.

  • Kreisquadratur

    …because we already have to best device out there atm, and still are not satisfied nor thankful. That’s sad…

  • Sebastian… sorry, that’s not my wife…. nor is it me.
    It’s some gay guy named Clay Aiken :p

    P.S: my wife is hotter!

  • Noisekiller

    Just a little question…what about next upgrades in the iphone’s firmware? Will they be able to port their software onto the next generations…?

  • Hello Noisekiller,

    That’s a very good question you’re asking here. I do believe that it won’t be an issue at all to port apps to the next firmware. Cydia apps are coded in the exact same way App Store apps are, which means that if Apple changes the way the iPhone handles app, developers will have to rewrite all their apps. That would be a nightmare for devs, and wouldn’t make sense at all.

    I am sure that the apps you buy today on Cydia will be easily “transfered” to the newest iPhone, at the only condition that someone (the Dev Team) comes up with a jailbreak for the newest firmware.


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  • jim

    Fascism does apply to corporations too, of course. Just sayin’.

  • Sky

    I have a new iPhone 2.21 but i don’t have now cydia or installer ,thinks for helping me…..

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  • Wissam

    Hallooooooo i need to know how download cydia apps ? Thnxxxs

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  • Please free to mail me if you have Cydia.

  • Vickki

    i would like to purchase some apps from the Cydia store, but its says you must authenticate yourself in order to use this Cydia feature. How do I do that?

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