I am currently in my home country of France for a couple of weeks. Before getting here, I was a little worried about whether I could use my iPhone with a local carrier as I never was able to try YellowSn0w when I was in the US. I unlocked my iPhone 3G about a month ago using YellowSn0w but since all my friends either are with AT&T or Verizon, I couldn’t make sure the unlocking worked.

One of the first things I did when I got at my Mom’s was popping out her Orange (French carrier) SIM and put it in my iPhone. An error message showed up saying the SIM was locked and giving me the option to unlock it. I taped “unlock” and waited a few seconds until I realized that I was not getting any cell signal at all.

I rebooted my iPhone, got the same error and still no success. Until I finally remembered that the SIM card you put in your jailbroken iPhone cannot be SIM locked. This means that the SIM card can’t be protected by a PIN.

So I put back the SIM card in my Mom’s phone and went to the settings to deactivate the lock on the SIM. As I am writing this, I realize that I probably could have deactivated it from my iPhone’s settings…

Two seconds later, I was getting signal and tried making my first call with my unlocked phone. It was a success. I also realized that I was getting on Edge. I asked my Mom if she had Internet access on her phone but she said she didn’t. I launched Safari and went online in no time. My Mom had Internet access on her phone and she wasn’t even aware of it…

The following day I went buy a my own SIM card as I couldn’t use my Mom’s for the next 2 weeks… I bought a SFR SIM as it to me the best carrier.

So this is my success story with YellowSn0w. If there is one thing to remember here, it is that if you have an issue with YellowSn0w, make sure the SIM you insert in your iPhone is not locked (PIN protected).

  • marcusun

    but are you using an iphone 3g, with baseband 02.30.03?



  • @marcusun – I’m still on on firmware 2.2 with firmware 2.28.00

  • Hmmm interesting, I had the same thing Jansaw

  • Fab

    Salut Sebastien,

    I bought the iphone in the US, it’s on AT&T. I’ve unlocked it, but won’t be sure it works until I go to France in May. You said you got an SFR SIM, did you have to wait a week to get it? Where did you buy it? Was it a new # or a “recharge” ? Last time I was in France they had to do checks, asked for my passport, and address in France, etc etc.., which was ridiculous because I had no phone for a week (I used a spare french phone for all my trips to france).

  • Hi Fab,

    Yes, I got an SFR simcard (my favorite operator). I bought it in one of these little stores that you can find at every corner. They asked for a copy of my ID, I gave them my California driver license, and that’s it. The guy was a friend of mine though, so maybe that made the difference.

    I got the “SFR la carte” package. They created a new number for me on the fly, and the SIM was preloaded with 2 euros of communication. I think it cost me 30 euros to activate it.

    I believe that if you try to set up a “real line”, not a pay as you go type of line, that’s when they ask for more info and a paper from your bank saying you do have money. Don’t do this. Simply take the SFR la carte package. I do this everytime I go to France. The downside is that I always have to create a new number but that’s not really a problem. I shoot an email to all my friends and put my new # on my Facebook status and in less then 24hours, everyone has my new number.

    France is so much in advance on the US in terms of what you can get. I could have gotten a Bouygues Telecom pay as you go simcard with 3G but that was a little pricey…

    Let me know if you have more questions.


  • Fab

    Thanks Sebastien,

    the other question I have is about using your iPhone in France for communicating with your friends in the US. I see that SFR’s price is .75 euros/mn, which is fine for a quick emergency call, but too expensive for a normal conversation! I’m wondering how much it would cost me and my friends to talk by international SMS. Or do you have any suggestion on how to communicate with your friends in the US while you’re in France?

  • You’re welcome Fab.
    Calling or texting the US from France can get very expensive. I actually didn’t use my iPhone to call/text. I bought a phone card in a tobacco store, preloaded with 20 euros of communication. Then I went to the phone booth or from friend’s home phone to call my girlfriend here in San Diego. I can’t remember the name of the phone card but they have plenty of different ones. It’s much cheaper than calling from your iPhone for sure. A few of my friends also had unlimited calls to the US (and other contries) with their home phone plan so I used it as much as I could too. Or else, Skype always works well…

  • Stephen Coverdale

    Fab download Truphone, it’s a voip program will give you really cheap international calls, but you need to be on wi-fi to use it cheaply.

  • ackmn

    Hi guys, i just want to know if unlocking an iphone with a yellow sn0w keeps your monthly data plan?I mean, im here in japan and signed for an unlimited data plan, i`ve unlocked my iphone a while ago using yellowsn0w, will my packet plan stays unlimited or will it increase because my “SOFTBANK local sim”(carrier here in japan) is not registered on itunes?please enlighten me.. Sorry for my english..i hope someone reply to my question…Godbless..