Jailbreakers and unlockers unite! Now is the time to get heard and do something against to make jailbreaking and unlocking legal. Yes, in case you didn’t know, jailbreaking your iPhone is technically illegal. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking something alon these lines: “fuck that! I paid for this phone so I should be able to do whatever I want with it”. Truth is you legally can’t!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation created FreeYourPhone.org in order to collect signature from people like us to appeal to the Copyright Office:

Hundreds of thousands of cellphone owners have modified their phones to connect to the network or run the software of their choosing, and many more would like to. But the Digital Millennium Copyright Act poses a legal threat to phone users, even though the law was supposed to protect copyright owners and distributors of digital music and movies. This threat of litigation has driven consumers underground, stifling innovation and competition.

Now, you can support EFF’s request that the Copyright Office grant an exemption to the DMCA that will protect phone users.

After submitting your electronic signature,

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  • to bad the DMCA doesn’t hold up in the netherlands! moreover: for that matter apple hasn’t got a leg to stand on in Europa at all, NO USA (read american) law applies here, their “so-called” NDA’s are not even legally valid in the EU! so I can do anything to and with my iphone. I could drop it in the ocean for all i care…. (ps: dont have apple care on it, but the best extended warranty possible in the netherlands: “CARE-PLUS” not a 2, 3, 4 or whatever-year deal. it’s covered worldwide for all eternity -meaning for the duration of its life time-)

    So I will suport this fully!
    EFF is good with it’s initiatives!
    DMCA is a stupid US law that is not valid outside the US!
    EU (meaning European Union) has it’s own laws, most of it concerning EQUAL MARKET OPPORTUNITY and EQUAL MARKET COMPETITION
    This means that even in different members (countries within the EU) their most be opportunity to sell iPhone any which way, so that even countries with specific apple-operator deals like Germany > T-Mobile, iPhones can, and most be able to be sold (by 3rd parties) simlock free, and exporting/importing must be allowed. This means there is a booming market of iphone export from countries like Belgium and Italy (both of which by law forbids simlocks) to countries like Germany, France, UK and even the Netherlands (does allow simlocks but for a maximum of one (1) year).
    So technically/legally we’re far better of than American people.