red iphone

After the pink iPhone that hit eBay earlier this week, now is time for the Red iPhone. We had heard about it before and it seems the rumor is resurfacing, especially since we’re just days away of MacWorld.

This image was found on a French blog and it seems really fake to me but you never know… It is much more probable that Apple will launch a Red iPhone, rather than a pink one… What do you think?

UPDATE: After doing a little research, I found out it’s totally fake and you can buy iPhone 3G back covers pretty much everywhere online. However, as you can see here, you will need some skills to install it!

  • Clay

    It figures that it’s fake. It would be a TOTAL flub to come out with a RED iPhone AFTER Christmas and the whole Starbucks (RED) campaign.
    I still wouldn’t put it past Apple to make an iPhone Nano and have them in different colors like the current iPod Nano and continue its “Nano-chromatic” campaign.