According to Timothy Butler with OFB, AT&T has been shifting transmitters to the weaker 1900 MHz band in some areas. What if you’re one of the unlucky customers? Well, simply get a new phone… that’s pretty much what AT&T is saying…

This shift has resulted in customers past their 30-day return policy, but still with relatively new phones, finding themselves stuck with equipment no longer able to pick up signals properly in previously strong coverage areas, even though the equipment itself is without defect.

Reports suggested the problem started to appear as AT&T ramped up its 3G network in preparation for the iPhone 3G in early 2008. Each AT&T technician OFB talked to concerning this problem offered the same solution: that the customer should purchase new, 3G-enabled equipment at the customer’s own expense.

AT&T reps obviously denied this information but if you’ve been noticing slower data transfers lately while on Edge… don’t look any further. Look at the bright side though; you now have another good reason to get yourself an iPhone 3G!

  • jrb

    This blows. I’m keeping my 2g iPhone until apple comes out with a new iPhone. I have the original and don’t want the 3g because everyone has it. I want what’s next. And not a nano. I want a faster processor. Apple better keep with it’s 1 year new product release or I’m screwed.

  • It’s not just Edge service that’s failing, its phone service on my G2 iphone. I’ve done all the complaining I can stand doing. Apple will replace your phone, but slowly it is becoming evident its AT&T that sucks. Work your way all they way up to level 2 tech support and they will fill out a ticket for their engineers to check equipment in your area after you tell them exact times of f&*ked up calls. They promise you’ll get a call back this time, but you guessed it. Just like every other corporation, no matter what they promise, they never call you back.
    I think AT&T should have a class action lawsuit started against them!
    They do not deliver a reasonable level of service.

  • Old Man

    Just wanted to let anyone who might listen to someone who has had AT&T /Cingular service for about 17 years, give or take a few months.
    In California, I recall having to upgrade my phone because the newer netwrok was better. I stayed with my phone and noticed the service downgrade. and downgrade, and downgrade to the point that the phone was near useless. I upgraded phones, as requested by AT&T (Are you getting tired yet? I’am)

    Soo… I upgraded the phone… only to go thru the same olde’ routine.

    Now flash to January 2009. My iPhone on the edge network is starting to show (you get the picture) downgraded service.

    So, If your reading this Steve J. or apple insiders. Maybe the iPhone got something to do with it, but in my experience. This is planned obsolescence. Kinda like a strategy where Microsoft move-up or out plan or Dell’s low end desktops (E310). AT&T has been doing it for a long time.

    So here is the old man grumbling on a soap box.
    Those of us who know. Just BE HONEST. Say, plan to move on in 3 years because we plan it this way.


    nuff sed.

    nice vid