Zibri, creator of ZiPhone just announced on his blog that ZiPhone.org is for sale. Since the birth of his child last month, Zibri is obviously busy with his family, which I totally understand.

For those of you who are not familiar with the ZiPhone, it was the first jailbreaking software developed to make the jailbreaking process a child play. I mean, ZiPhone was and still remains my favorite jailbreaking tool. Hands down! ZiPhone worked under firmware 1.x but wasn’t updated for firmware 2.x earlier this year.

So why was ZiPhone my favorite jailbreaking tool? For one, it was the only software that never crashed on me. But most importantly, it was so easy to use that a caveman could have done it… You simply had to download Ziphone, install, plug your iPhone, click jailbreak and wait a few seconds. *Sigh*, I miss those days…

So now the domain name is for sale. If you’re a little bit into Internet Marketing, that might be interesting for you. The website has a PR6 and countless backlinks. I would love to buy this domain name but I don’t think I have enough in the bank right now to afford it. If you’re interested, you’ll have to spend $50 on the front end, just to be able to bid on the domain name. The highest bidder will then get it.

Below is a copy of what Zibri wrote on his blog:

It was an incredible ride, guys, and I’m sincerely grateful
to everybody who made this happen.
As some of you may know, from the 7th of November 2008 I’m a father.
All my efforts are now focused on my family then, later, I’ll start some other project
maybe related with the iPhone, maybe not.
So, from now the ziphone.org domain (Pagerank 6 on Google) is FOR SALE.
Here’s how the sale works:
Go to the donation page, donate $50 and write your buy offer in the
donation description free text field.
At the end of the sale the highest bid will get the domain.
Direct emails will not count as bids.
If by the end of the sale the maximum bid will not meet my minumum requirement,
all $50 donations will be refunded and the sale won’t happen.
Sale result and winning bidder will appear on this site.
The sale will end on 20st January 2009.
If the winner won’t pay the bid by the 10th of February 2009,
the 2nd higher bidder will be the winner.
There is a banner on the right side of this site.
That banner links to a site which evaluate other sites.
Bids lower than 1/3 of the “Net Worth” will be rejected.
The daily ads revenue on that site is pretty accurate.
And so is the daily pageview (average in the last months).
Happy bidding.

If you guys are interested, hop over to ZiPhone.org and make your bid.

As for me, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zibri for his involvement in the iPhone community. You did an amazing job and always stood for yourself, even under criticism from the other guys (psst, that’s the Dev Team). Good luck to you and your family!

  • danieliphone

    Hola, Tenemos que agradecer a Zibri todo lo que ha hecho por los iphoneros, pero creo que ya esta vendido antes de salir a la venta, hace mucho que no sabemos de el!!!, algo muy raro no?. Sera que los Argentinos somos muy desconfiados. Veo algo de Apple por aqui $$$. No les resulta raro que el 3G sea tan difiicil el desbloqueo? Saludos a todos.

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  • sicntired

    Give me a break, please!! I wouldn’t give this crook the time of day let alone $50. Learn the history of this guy & you will know, once a crook always a crook. The only reason he couldn’t jailbreak 2.0 was because he didn’t have the chance to steal other peoples work! Wake up and smell the manure this toad shovels.

  • Radestock

    A shyster in it for the fame and money.

    Ziphone caused so many problems because it was badly coded crap based on stolen code, rushed out to be the first. I’ve read so many horror stories from users with bricked phones and no network connections. Then we have the wifi fix that simply hard coded the MAC address to 00:5a:49:42:52:49.

    Dev Team bailed so many people out with Boot Neuter too when ziphone changed the baseband to 3.9 (in some versions even when unlock wasn’t asked for).

    Now to top it all off he’s selling the domain but you can only bid if you pay $50 first. I may think again reading this blog, I had thought it’s writers knew at least something about the history of the jailbreaking scene.

  • Thanks Sebastien for your nice post!
    Thanks to you and everyone that didn’t SPIT in the bowl they were eating ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As I said multiple times, I’ve never forced anyone to use ZiPhone.
    I just wanted a “thank you” or a lack of interest… but I got 4 million downloads, a lot of “you are god” and after a few months the same people were saying I’m a shit…
    That’s the world.
    Anyhow thanks to you an people like you.


  • Sebastien

    Hey Zibri,

    Thank you for your comment. I have to admit that I think asking $50 just for being able to bid on your domain name is a little shitty but in the same time, I don’t care much.

    Previous commenter Radestock says that he knows so many horror stories about people using ZiPhone, well, I invite you to read the comments on my QuickPwn and PwnageTool tutorials… You will see some crazy horror stories there too.

    I am aware that you’ve been accused of stealing the work of others, and yes, I believe it, but as you said Zibri, I don’t want to spit in the bowl I’m eating from. ZiPhone helped me a lot and I can’t see myself not thanking you for that, whatever the story is about the code theft.

    Bottom line is ZiPhone helped hundreds of thousands of people and you do deserve some respect for that.

    Now about the accusations of you being in it for money, I will say “so what”? Don’t you think Apple is in it for money? The Dev Team is not in it for money, they are in it for the fun of it but I can’t judge your motivations. As far as I am concerned, I didn’t donate or anything for ZiPhone so it would be shitty for me to say you’re in it for money as it didn’t cost me anything.

    Take care of your family.


  • sicntired

    Oh for gods sake, enough of the ass kissing, PLEASE. If this guy was as good as everybody claimed (even himself) wouldn’t we all be using ziphone 3G? I wonder how you all jailbreak your phones now??? The people who have made it all possible to jailbreak our phones, charge us nothing, and never asked for money. That’s what a real development community do. Only a crook charges for something that was stolen from a community of people, who give of their time and money for nothing in return. Good riddance to bad rubbish, one can only wonder if he’s going to give anything back to the people??? He gives Italians a bad name.

  • Well Sebastien, I didn’t STEAL anything, believe me. I found myself the exploit to execute an arbitrary unsigned ramdisk and I dumped myself the famouse key. That and finding new offsets for unlocking and jailbreaking was the only thing I did. Other from that I used my own exploit so to pack all unlocking utilities inside a single ramdisk and quickly execute them. I was the first using this approach and still today quickpwn uses THE SAME approach.

    About the $50 that’s only to keep off kids and fakers. If you really wanna buy it $50 is just nothing compared to the site price. And if in the end I won’t sell it, I will refund the $50 to all bidders.

    About money. I wasn’t in for money. Then people asked me to put a donate button. Then sponsors came knocking.
    Sure, some money came.
    But I never asked for anything.
    And ZiPhone has always been free and open source.

    It’s not ME who coded IphoneSimFree. That was the “dev team”. I have proof but they will never admit it and, sincerely, I don’t even care.

    Thanks again for your sincerity.
    To everyone cursing and accusing: get a life! (A real one!)

  • Sam

    I used ZiPhone for version 2.0 and it didn’t work…continually. When I tried contacting the “customer support” that the website promised, this guy had “family issues.” After leaving multiple emails asking for a refund (I bought a different product) I finally decided to call VISA and 5 months later am still trying to get my $$$ back. Thanks a lot, assholes!

  • Sam,

    You didn’t buy Ziphone from ziphone.org because Zibri (the developer) never sold it. ZiPhone was FREE. You probably got ripped off by some guy selling the software (there are lots of such scammers). So you shouldn’t insult Zibri!


  • I have been contacted by many people telling me they purchased ZiPhone somewhere or that someone was selling it.
    That’s life too, but a quick glance at http://www.ziphone.org is enough to see a download link and a donate button.
    If it’s not enough, then a grain is needed too ๐Ÿ™‚


  • grain=BRAIN lol I’m famous for my typos ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh.. by the way, since ziphone.oprg will soon be managed by another guy, if you want to follow my insanity you can always do that at http://www.zibri.org
    Not much there for now… but there will be something sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info