This is just a friendly reminder that your MobileMe trial might be over soon. If like me you were one of the first people in the US to sign up for this service, then you should receive an email from Apple soon saying that you will automatically be charged $95 sometimes in December (December 8th, in my case).

Now I’d be curious to know what you guys think of MobileMe. I personally think it’s a waste of money: $95 for storage and fake push email seems way too much when you know you can have all the same services for free somewhere else… not including the cool extension though….

You might have a different opinion and I’d love to hear it, so please share your experience in the comments.

  • As for MobileMe, it is not a great service, and really not worth the money when you compare to other services like exchange.

    Unfortunately, I am stuck with MobileMe for at least a year as I spaced out turning my free trial off.

    Oh well… will look at switching out in a year.

    – Doc

  • peter

    i personally think that its well worth it…
    i mean, just the fact that my contacts and calendar are synced on the go has saved me a lot of time (especially with jailbreaking).

    i mean it comes down to about 10$ a month (in Canada) and I can live with that.
    (Some people spend WAY more on coffee …..)