Update: The Dev Team cracked the code again and you can now jailbreak your iPhone 2.2 firmware. I highly recommend you read this before doing anything!

Update 2: I wrote new tutorials on how to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone 2.2 firmware using QuickPwn:

Like I mentioned in my previous post, there is no jailbreak available so far for iPhone firmware 2.2. The Dev Team is working on it and from what I understand, it shouldn’t take too long…

We believe that our Pwnage technique (and therefore the Jailbreak) isn’t affected, but PwnageTool and QuickPwn do not support this release as yet, so DO NOT install 2.2 using iTunes as you will lose your jailbreak.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, you really don’t want to update using iTunes yet as it may modify your baseband and make future jailbreak and/or unlock impossible.

I suspect that it will take a few days to the Dev Team to update PwnageTool to allow it to jailbreak your iPhone firmware 2.2, so please hang on… Once PwnageTool is released, other methods including WinPwn, and QuickPwn will be following.

We will let you know as soon as PwnageTool, WinPwn, and QuickPwn are available, and we will also release our tutorials on how to use them. You may want to subscribe to our RSS feeds (if not done yet) to keep in touch and be notified as soon as the news fall.

  • T-Will

    Good to hear you plan on putting together another tutorial, that really came in handy when I upgraded to 2.1. The instructions on backing up the Cydia apps saved a lot of time it would’ve taken to reinstall everything by hand.

  • john

    When a jailbreak becomes available and I update, will I lose everything I got from it being jailbroken?

  • T-Will

    There’s a program called APTBackup that will make a list of your Cydia downloads and automatically download and install those programs after a restore. But I would wait for the tutorial to be out because things have to be done in an exact order for it to restore correctly.

  • Hello John,

    T-Will is right, you may want to use AptBackup. I wrote a tutorial about it a couple of months ago. That should help you.

    But you know what? I like starting from scratch when I update my iPhone. I usually restore to a clean jailbroken firmware and start adding my Cydia apps again. Most of the time, I end up re-installing only half of the apps as I realize I don’t use the other half…


  • T-Will

    Yeah that’s a good point, it gives you a chance to take a good look at which apps you really “need”.

    One thing I do is I take a screenshot of each Springboard screen to help me remember which apps to reinstall. This doesn’t help remember the Cydia utilities like StatusBar and Backgrounder, but for those, I just remember them, or install them whenever I need to use them.

  • Silv3rF0x

    Well I am new to all this have not do this before. So I am going to do it for the first time with this new version comes out. I am the first IPhone and I am tired of the man keeping me down. For what I read is when you do this you can always reseat it back to the factory way if need be. What would be the best tool to do it for the first timer. PwnageTool or WinPwn or QuickPwn?

  • @ Silv3rF0x – Yes, you can always restore your phone if something goes wrong. I personally use QuickPwn and I find it very good. My take on it is that they’re all pretty similar and do the same job.

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  • K

    i have upgraded the iphone 3g from i tunes (2.2) tried to jailbreak it. It doesn’t work, stucks in the recovery mode. afterwards i can’t do anything, not even restore it from i tunes.

    Anybody got an idea?

  • Dear SIR,

    Please advice My 3G iPhone bought from Hong Kong, with a GEVEY-3G, has some trouble AFTER I upgrade to 2.2 using Itunes from MAC web, unable to communicate using GEVEY and SIM.

    There was no PROBLEM before I upgrade , can someone help me how can I downgrade to the original 2.1.

    Sincerely yours
    Bambang Soebagio
    +62 816 815 333

  • K

    There is a method for downgrading i phone 3g from i tunes.
    First you download the ipsw 2.1. Afterwards push the shift button and click on restore. it will open a window where you are supposed to click on ipsw from 2.1.
    If there opens an error like 1106 or something like 11.. don’t be troubled but if there is an error like 1606 or something like 16.. won’t work like with my 3g

  • venturac


    I currently have a iPhone 3g 2.1 jailbroken phone on AT&T network. My Swirly MMS works fine too along with everything else.

    My only question is if I upgrade to 2.2, will I lose all of my jailbroken apps on my phone?

    And if not, how do I put the 2.2 on my phone? Through iTunes or download through a link and create the custom ISPW? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • him

    i need help man because when it tells me to hold home button for 5 secs it dont work it just stops there it just put my ipod touch into restore mode and it wont go to the bit where u have to holds the home button for 5 secs plz help because i am so angry being stuck with an unjailbroken ipod touch

  • Tommy

    i have an iphone clasic jailbroken from 1.1.3 to 2.2 with QuickPwn…
    can anyone tell me why this process has slowed down my iphone ?
    it has lags of 1-2 seconds… did this happen to everybody or just me ?
    is there any cure?

  • bosshstl

    i have a i phone 3g trhat was unlocked and jailbroken now my dumb ass friend updated to the 2.2 and the phone will not get out of recovery mode. im not that computewr lieterate wat the hell can i do

  • k

    It was the same with me. Later i tried it ob a mac it worked.
    So try a mac computer

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  • hi every one


    Please help me where to find the QuickPwn software or Jailbreak please give me the link for downloading i will be glad.

    Kind Regards