Please take 10 seconds of your time to take this poll. I am curious to see what percentage of this blog’s readers have jailbroken their iPhone and what percentage doesn’t. If you haven’t jailbroken your phone and don’t want to do it, please tell us why in the comments. Thank you.

[poll id=”2″]

  • sleeplessdwarf

    “Yes, of course” link doesn’t work for me. Gives a “Please choose a valid poll answer.”

  • Hey SleeplessDwarf,

    Use the poll that’s in the left sidebar of the blog. There is a conflict and this one doesn’t work well but the one in the sidebar works perfectly.

    Thank you


  • mike

    this survey is not very representative. obviously the people who come to this blog are very active with their iphone or they would be satisfied with the featured tab of the app store.. therefore it is obvious that most would jailbreak to make the most of the phone.

  • Hi Mike,

    You’ve got a good point here. But I think it’s interesting for us to see what are readership is.

    I assume your iPhone is jailbroken… you made the right choice 😉


  • mike

    jailbroken indeed.
    i could never afford my 8 pages of applications :p