It took a while to Apple’s lawyers to find out and do something about but they finally did it. They finally got this site shut down for uber massive copyright infringement.

For those of you who don’t know, was the reference in matter of cracked iPhone apps. The website offered a gigantic library of cracked ipa files, making it the preferred destination for anyone who didn’t want to spend a dime on iPhone apps.

Wyze, the owner, explains:

Well, Apple, it took you long enough to find us. We’re sure Mr. Haklab will take credit for this and all we have to say to that is that it took you long enough. We had a good run and honestly we are surprised we lasted this long. We don’t want to move servers again to another country to avoid DMCA as we’ve lost interest since the site first launched.

The site is now up for sale. I doubt you can do anything with such a URL but who knows…

  • Ya were a bunch of jerks, your gonna have to just buy the apps from Apple’s “App” Store like the rest of us.

  • Yes, that is unfortunate. Thanks for the
    1. Heads Up 😉

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  • Karus

    @ Steve:
    I already paid 500Euros for a piece of junk telephone that has no copy/past, forward sms, send contact, takes 5mn to boot and crash so often that I have to use my backup Nokia 5110 every day…..I ain’t gonna pay for junks apps too….However….I still buy the Appstore version of the apps that worse it…

    —-Note: I live in China and copyright is only some abstract concept here

  • brandon

    hey who knows the other guys name it is wyze and someone else i cant remebr

  • Appulo

    Oh look Brandon can’t get over the troll bridge, lol