Do you want to push the customization of your iPod Touch a bit further? Then the new Transformer application might be what you’re looking for.

Available for free in Cydia, this app will make your iPod Touch look like an iPhone by adding various icons to your springboard. It will for example add the signal bars, the phone and the camera icon.

I don’t have an iPod Touch so I was not able to try this app but if you do, please let us know in the comments.

  • marco

    ma se uno su cydia non trova transformer cosa deve fare per trovarlo o scaricarlo

  • simon

    I open cydia and transformer are not here …. do you have a source…..

  • Hi Simon,

    I just checked and I can’t find it either anymore.

    I guess they took if off the repo.


  • simon

    okay ..thank for awnser to me ….

  • PAtrick

    i’ve open cydia but transformer is not there and on youtube it’s a video theres a girl she’s install transformer from but there is nothing can someone send me a email with the right source url for download the transformer utilite

  • PAtrick

    no on repo is nothing anybody can tell me how i can get transformer app for ipod touch ? i mean a source with this utilitie thats work and not error or other blah etc. -.- i’m tierd lol i would like to get transformer only this app a source thats works and i can download this dnad then i’m happy πŸ˜€


  • alex

    i couldnt find it either. if anyone has a way, leave it here or email me

    my ipod touch looks dull with its original icons

  • PAtrick

    i’ve fround the transformer on πŸ™‚ u can put it to ipod touch .

    Install openssh from cydia and then download iphone tunnel suite and WinSCP if u using a pc when u using mac download scp and then put it to the folder apps and restart ipod touch.
    It don’T works on 2.2 firmware only 2.0.1 and 2.0
    and it don’T work on the new ipod touch 2G

  • PAtrick

    Download here the transformer :

    Download OpenSSH from cydia to your ipod touch

    now download

    to pc or mac use this turn ssh on on the ipod touch

    if u using windows xp or vista

    (if u using a mac :

    Okay open iphone tunnel and click the button (Iphone Tunnel)

    now it opens a msdos window ok and then click the button winscp ok and then
    navigate to applications folder and putt via drag and drop the in this folder now restart ipod touch and πŸ™‚ be happy lol

  • alex

    sucks, i have 2.2 … wasnt transformer suppose to work with 2.2?

  • PAtrick

    u can go to and download the firmware 2.1 and then use itunes kae the ipod new install in german it is Wiederherstellen
    i don’t know this word in english yes but befor u press the button u muss hold shift and than repair ipod yes and then u can select a firware πŸ™‚

  • iViech

    my ipod doesnt show transformer what must i do?

  • PAtrick

    you musst via drag and drop do transformer to the folter applications with winscp etc. i’ve give a tutorial and then respring (restart springboard or winterboard) or restart the ipod touch

  • Simon

    I have a probleme … i have change the permision in the ..the app run …but when i do : do it all …. nothing change …. and i have do a respring …. ps: i have an ipod touch in firmware 2.2 …i dont know if that affect… please help me!!

  • l ll llll l l ll

    ok so i ssh’ed it onto my touch (idk if i did it right i just put it into the applications folder like the guide i used said) but now i cant find it and it did nothing . . .

  • stormyrain

    transformer has been deleted from cydia

  • Ryan

    Yeah Cydia took it out. Well I’m not sure if it was
    Cydia or the developers that removed it but it’s gone. πŸ™

  • pippy671

    what files do i change the persmissions on?

  • Simon

    All at 777

  • its back on cidya

  • alex

    really? where? what source again? could u give us a screen shot? i cant find it

  • Where ?? i Don’t see Transformer ='(

  • Knightmare

    Yes, i see it on cydia. Add me on msn for help:

  • Caleb

    Hey I found a transformer 2.0 and I installed it but it didn’t work. I have a 2.2.1 2g

    If you know why email me or easier aim me at sixstring818 (if email it’s @ yahoo)

  • Eric

    I can not find where to get the transformer app on my ipod touch

  • Eric

    My e-mail is

  • Eric,

    Look in the forum, there is a thread about it with download links.


  • joe

    they removed it from cydia:(

  • Charlie

    The transformer app was removed from cydia about a year ago. You can still get it via SSH. Just google how to get it

  • nIcK


  • Ivan

    I ssh’ed it to my iPod but it keeps
    on crashing. I can see the app and it comes up but it crashes after a while.