BigBoss wrote a post tonight about 2 questions he’s often asked:

  1. How do I recover the Poof icon if I hid it?
  2. How do I recover my missing icons after restoring my iPhone?

Here are the solutions that BigBoss recommends

  1. If you have Cydia, install Quickgold and Poof to unhide the icons

  2. Install SBSettings and unhide any apps that are hidden

  3. Launch the Settings app and disable/reenable restrictions. Doing this should unhide all the hidden apps

  4. If Cydia is hidden, you can use Apt-get and install Quickgold from the SSH prompt

  5. Worst case scenario, if nothing works, you can use iPhoneBrowser and delete the files located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ and the reboot your phone

Full credit goes to BigBoss. This post was highly inspired from his recent post.

  • letsgo


    this saved me from re-jailbreaking my iphone.
    Deleted SBSettings with all Cydia Programms in the Toggle.

  • rdas52


    NOTE: This will prevent you from having to restore your iphone. If you attempt to hide all icons via poof your iphone will enter a never ending respring loop. Deleting the aforementioned file will allow you back in. So when using SBsettings and poof remember that the iphone requires at least one icon.

  • edwin

    i need help, i hid allllll my icons, including cydia, installer, and springboard, everthing is gone..can any one help me step by step?

  • edwin

    you can contact me through my email at

    its been 12 hours now with nothing on my iphone after restoring, pls help

  • Adriana fortes

    Thanxs guys got my app back!!!

  • Michael

    I had to go to iPhoneBrowser route and delete the route.

    I had hidden Cydia and boss prefs before the upgrade to 3.0. Big mistake. Luckily this has saved me from doing a complete wipe.

  • Cupido

    I’ve been looking for this information for about 3 Weeks!! (maybe I wasn’t a real genius with google search…;))
    after upgrading to 3.0 and jailbreaking every application I have been hiding in 2.1 with SBSettings was missing (even Cydia)…so I had to use your last step…
    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Boxer

    Saved me alot of time and all my other settings. Thnx Big Boss.

  • cherry

    Hello. I tried 5 since this is considered Worst Case Scenario. Iphonebrowser is not letting me delete the files. I can only preview the files. I can copy them but not delete. PLEASE HELP!

    In case you need to know. i have Firmware 3.1.2. I updated my Cydia for the first time then the next thing i know, it’s gone.

    please help!
    thank you

  • Ella

    Just deleted that file… fingers crossed it works. Nearly had several panic attacks over the last couple of hours…

    • CXPOOL

      Can you pls guild me at how to do this? ‘If Cydia is hidden, you can use Apt-get and install Quickgold from the SSH prompt’
      I have no idea what it is referring to..

  • Ella

    Yes, yes, yes!! Thank you sooooo much, who ever you – you are a GOD!

    Deleted /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ on Fugu 1.2.0 after discovering SHHing ;P

    Most apps all came back after reboot that I had poofed (DUHHHH!!!), installed BossPrefs which I didn’t have in the first place and turned off hiding of Cydia and the rest of my apps that mysteriously blinked into the universe of the iPhone.

    Poofing of BossPrefs, Settings, Cydia and Icy should be blocked – either that or blondes like me stopped from using complicated hacks she doesn’t understand.

    There are a lot of panicking people out there :(.

  • amit

    Iphonebrowser not working how i can find the files a message popup cant find the file and a message you have successfully used jailbreak ?

  • brad fiene

    i found that if you have any app updates, you can download those and it will bring all the apps back.

  • jen

    thank you soooo much it all i had to do was unhide the icons from the sbs…worked like a charm thanks guys ^_^

  • punks

    i have the same problem, especifically amit from above. i successfully jailbroken an ipod touch 2G 3.1.3 MC model, i had cydia, categories and etc, now i tried the iphone browser, and says my ipod isn’t jailbroken, i had cydia and everything before, please help

  • Danny

    I just did the 4.0 jailbreak and lost all of my icons. I was beginning to worry until i found this.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Sean

    Hey. I deleted my weather icon. The icons were shakin and I held my home button while holding the weather icon and it disappeared. Does anyone know what happened and how to recover my icon.

  • howard Rosenberg

    muy calendar icon has disappeared.

    how do i get it back?

  • Krish

    I have jailbroken my iphone 3g 4.1 with Sn0wBreeze.Once I connected to wifi..then most of the Icons were went, I can only see Voice recorder, youtube, weather icon and temp icon…I dont even see cydia. ..wifi is not settings icon even…re-booted couple of times..but, no use.

    Please help…

  • Gessé

    Bom primeiramente venho agradecer pelo post que me salvou de fazer uma esteira no meu aparelho.
    Defeito; Instalei uns aplicativos e jogos via Cyder 2 (USB) pois nao tenho wi-fi ai uso o Cyder 2 como o Cydia so que via PC.
    Consequencia; Sumiram 95% dos icones da minha HOME do iPhone so ficou os nomes dos aplicativos.
    Concerto; Fui pelo iPhoneBrowswer na pasta Aplicativos e apaguei o SBSettings e resolveu meu problema.
    Obrigado e abç

  • Good first post I have been thankful for that saved me from doing a track on my player.
    Defect; installed some apps and games via cyder 2 (USB) because I do not have wifi i use 2 as the cyder Cydia so that via the PC.
    Fate; Gone 95% of the icons of my home so the iPhone was the application names.
    Concert, I went the iPhoneBrowswer in the Applications folder and deleted the SBSettings and solved my problem.
    Thank you and abc

  • Vartra

    I am running 3.1.3, jailbroke with, and Cydia is one of the apps that have poofed on me. I hadnt installed anything to hide apps, or gotten SBSettings installed yet. Any helpful suggestions would be magnificent, I’d hate to have to restore and jailbreak all over again.

  • bdw

    thank you thank you thank you. finally got my cydia icon back! my 4 year-old must have hidden it accidentally (or purposely?!). Thanks!

  • ddd


  • calvin

    hello everyone..

    i got a prob after i using GP 1.0 rc5 window version to jb my ipad. after i jb and installed cydia but there’s one thing missing is “manage”, so i can’t install installous 4 into my ipad. anyone know how to fix it thanks

  • Travis


    I downloaded iPhone Browser and my phone is jailbroke and I went into var/mobile/Applications and renamed my apps so I wouldn’t have to memorize the long numbers that were associated to each app…now all of my apps (that were downloaded through Installous and App Store) are gone. How can I get these back?

  • Ara

    SOLUTION 5 ROCKS!!! That really worked!!!! thanks much!!!

  • Nazim

    hi guys, can anybody please help me, all icons (Including cydia) in my iphone 3g are hidden except photos icon….
    Actually wat i did was i installed categories app from cydia then created folders and hid everything…

    Please help me out… my id is

  • Ryan Mohan

    Hey where do u install sbsettings

  • Ryan Mohan

    Anybody who knows please help!

  • I lost my app store icon please help me get it back


    you can download sbsettings in ROCK or CYDIA

  • awais

    i deleted the file which u it didnt work 🙁 what to do now

  • Amanda

    bit of a bugger my son deleted my messages icon how do i get it back???

  • Mj

    Hey, my iPhone cydia app is missing & i don’t know how to get it back D:

  • vicky

    Used Solution No. 5

    Solved The Problem For The Existing Apps. However When I Installed A New App From App Store, Again No Icon On Springboard….Is There A Permanent Fix ?

  • Vicky

    Got It Solved: Reset All Settings Did Wonders 🙂

  • hi every one, i need help, i hid allllll my icons, including cydia, installer, and springboard, everthing is gone..can any one help me step by step? plzzz plzzz plzz here is my mail if u want!

  • Vince

    Deleted the files as described, now iPad keeps rebooting!!!!!

  • Sunny

    Hey guys i need help regArding cydia s m unable to find it on my iphone thouugh it is showing other applicTion that is working on cydia like installous,wintedboard etc n they r even in working now so could ne1 plz help meh regarding this cydia thing…

  • jefirie42

    i just did the 5th step because none of the other steps would have worked for me because i didn’t poof the icons away they were just gone after i reinstalled a app from the app store, im on iphone4 ios 4.1, thank you bigboss saved me a huge headache. hope this helps anyone with the same firmware

    • jefirie42

      my icons, folders and sounds were not in their original place, i had to put everything back where its was but you should be able to avoid this by downloading a app from cydia called spring back. hope this helps.

  • Thanq a lot

  • kcn 474

    after i install home screen wallpaper, my iphone hide menu Phone. so i cant call to other phone. so pls help


    i loste my cydia in my iphone 4s plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help to get it back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • blabla

    I wanted to trick my family into thinking I deleted all my apps but I poofed poof and settings and cydia

  • Sir John Franklin

    What excellent advice! I found this site by doing a search for “Missing Settings Icon.” The answer here is “Launch the Settings app.” Brilliant. Naturally, this is the first and last time I ever go onto this moronic site.

  • Ethan

    Hope someone can help me out…
    I installed Cydia and SBsettings on my iPhone and then hid them both. I need to re-access Cydia but can’t figure out how to get back to it. What is it i need to do? I believe the system running on the phone is iOS 8.1.3 if that matters in the fix. Thanks

  • Aditya Shah


  • Phyo Khant

    I need help. I install bug fix: duplicate file from Curia. After installing, all application icons on home screen are disappeared. How can I recover them. Please help me.