[digg-me]MiVTones used to be called Videostone. Don’t ask me why they changed the name because I have no idea. Maybe a trademark issue or something? Anyways. MiVTones is a new application by iFoneTec available in Cydia that allows you to have video ringtones on your iPhone.

You may use MiVtones 2.0 with basic features for free,but you have to purchase a $20 license (ouch!) to use MiVTones 2.0 with advanced features. To enjoy video ringtones on your iPhone, you will first have to register your phone and create an account at http://www.MiVTones.com. Then you will have to install miVTones, which is available through the ModMyiFone repo. In case you don’t see it, make sure to add this source: http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia.

Once you have activated your account and installed MiVTones, you’ll finally be able to add your own videos to your iPhone. Use Winscp or CyberDuck to upload your own video ringtones to /var/mobile/Media/VideoTone/Video

Here is a video of MiVTones in action:

  • Amzz

    cool, awesome!!!

  • Jodene

    I need help on how to create and upload ringtone videos. I am completely new to the iphone so I need it in beginners terms. Any help I could get would be great.

  • sergio

    i need help.. i accidently created 2 accounts on mivtones.. Now my ihpone won’t let me open it because the iphone can’t open one more account.. Please help.. I tried removing the app. but and reinstalling it but it won’t work…? Please help ASAP>>>>

  • Sebastien

    I suggest you restore your iPhone in iTunes