LogoMe is a new application available in Cydia that will change your boot logo without having to rejailbreak or restore. All you need to do is installing the application, launching it and typing in the URL where the photo can be downloaded from (that means that your photo has to be somewhere online – ie. Flickr). You will not be able to change your boot logo by using a photo from the library.

Once you’ve typed in the location URL, tap “Download” and LogoMe will download the file. After having downloaded it, you’ll be able to preview your boot logo. When I previewed mine, it showed a white bar at the top but I decided to install anyway. When you’re done, reboot your iPhone and you should see your new custom logo. Note that the white bat doesn’t show on my custom boot logo anymore once installed.

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  • steven

    here is a site that has logos also if you have photoshop or the gimp photo editior you can make your own logos> this is the size for the logos 320×480 alpha rgb 100kb

  • aaditotjo

    This isnt working for my Ipod Touch 2g. When I click Flash, the status bar appears and does nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  • Stickman81

    Same thing here, press the flash – nothing happens. It must be a safeguard with the way this 2G jailbreak works. Unable to flash anything internal after restoring with the modified FW

  • Stickman and aaditotjo,
    LogoMe is only for the First Gen iPod Touch, iPone 2G and iPhone 3G

  • X

    Not u just have to re-jailbreak ur iPod using redsnow 0.3 beta that will let u use logome without bricking ur iPod touch

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