There is a really well designed pink theme for iPhone and iPod Touch in Cydia this morning called CarbonPink.  This complete custom theme was designed by KillSign specifically for the ladies, or anyone who really likes pink and black.

CarbonPink comes with custom sliders, battery, keyboard, dialer, SMS bubbles, and more. It currently has over 230 icons. Really well done but obviously not for me… Tell us what you think about this theme.

  • Dork! I may be gay but I ain’t girly. This is a nice looking theme no matter what color it is. Does it come in other colors? Pink ain’t my favorite.

  • Haha, that’s exactly how my gay friend called me when he read this post too… To answer your question, yes, this them is also available in blue, green, and red.

    Simply go to Cydia and start a search for “KillSign…” and you will see the 4 colors available.


  • Super cool! Thanks for the great theme!

  • fead

    I phone is doing great in the international market so if you are hunting for an outstanding gadget then just go and grab it ……..

  • Rana

    how do i get this theme on my itouch??

  • @Rane – you have to have a jailbroken iPod. If it is not jailbroken, search around this blog to find out how to do it.

  • Iliana

    What source is this available through?

  • Lazli

    Dis z sooooooo cute n cool too!Luv it 🙂

  • Jess

    I love the theme! How do I download it onto my phone and use it? I’m lost on that part.

    • Hey Jess,

      Your iPhone has to be jailbroken. Then you can download the theme from Cydia, although I don’t think it’s available anymore.

      Look around the blog to learn how to jailbreak your iPhone.


  • neFos

    Source code ?

  • Nicole

    what’s the keyboard and sms thing called? 🙂

  • Nicole

    wait nvm, is there a thing for just the keyboard

  • magenta

    how can i download it in cydia, cos i tried to downloaded another theme and couldnt find the way

  • How

    Is there a way I can get the SMS part without the rest of the package?

  • aimee

    i downloaded this and its greatttt 😀
    but the sms aint comin up, and the text app is still its normal green self

  • aimee

    ohh and.. i want to use my own wallpaper any way of doing that?

  • AJ

    How is called that font? I’ve been looking for awhile.

  • AJ, I think the font is called NeoTech

  • Marine

    hello, thanks for this great theme ! but the color of keybord stay green and grey why ?? it’s the same for contacts…

  • sarah

    how do i download it?

  • sarah

    how do i download it and use it on my iphone?

  • Lauren

    This is so cute!!! I absolutely love this theme!! Thank you!!



  • lisabeth

    Can I get this theme in Swedish somehow?

  • pink star

    Hello , I am having a hard time with the keyboard and the sms part of the theme can someone help please …. Thank you

  • tiara

    i absolutly luv it, thankxx….

  • michelle

    Help With The SMS Its Not working! PLEASE

  • Gloria

    I got this theme and everything works but I can’t get the SMS to turn pink it is still green how do I get it pink too

  • Clare

    Omg your theme looked so nice u jaut downloaded them 🙂
    I have the red one
    But for some reason no matter what theme I use, some of my basic icons stay the same like music and video and map and stuff
    But YouTube and mail and safari turns into your icon..
    Is that normal?

  • elizitah

    i already have a itunes account but when i trie 2 sign in it said This person is not active. But idk why

  • sarah

    So I downloaded which I love but my text arent the same as the theme

  • dairy

    heyy i love this theme its just what ive been looing for but the sms and keyboard r still normal

  • Mariah

    I just searched the cydia and I cannot find this app anywhere!

  • Jackie Andréasson

    HI! :3
    I wonder if you can change all the black in to white instead. and little more baby pink.

    Ye, iam girlllyyyy~~ (^^,)y

  • Kidfloow


  • Agnes

    Hej, jag laddade ner temat men fick inte med alla delar, hur ska jag göra för att få hela temt inlaggt på min iphone. jag älskade det temat.

  • Agnes

    Hi, I downloaded the theme but did not get all the parts, what should I do to get the whole Temte post on my iphone. I loved that theme.